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Medium Absorbency
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Period Kit
Period Kit
Medium - Super Absorbency
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Medium Absorbency
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Period Panty Questions?

We’re Leaking the Answers

  • A brand built for teens, with products designed to make growing up easier. We’re the creators of the perfect leak-proof period underwear.

  • Our undies look and feel just like regular underwear, but they are absorbent, moisture-wicking, odor-crushing and seamless. The super thin built-in liner holds 2-12 tsp of blood, stopping period leaks from ruining your day. Basically, they’re magic for your period ✨

  • It totally depends on your flow! We suggest wearing period underwear as your period backup protection, with a pad or tampon. If your period is lighter, period panties can be worn on their own as full period protection.

  • Our bikini or boyshort period underwear eliminate period stress for teens and tweens. Growing up is hard enough, why worry about your period ruining your pants? Plus, it’s good for the environment and your wallet!

  • Our underwear eliminates all disposable period products. On heavier days, wear our Super Leakproof Underwear that absorb 8 tsp of blood, or our Super Sleepover Short, which absorbs 12 tsp of blood. On lighter days, go to our Leakproof Underwear. Welcome to a greener period!