Ask Aunt Flo: Back to School Edition

Aunt Flo is back, and she's answering your back to school questions!

Hiiiiii strangers, it’s me again! I was in the middle of a cute little summer vacay (sun, surfing, maybe even a little fling???) when KT sent me an emergency text message. 

Call it temporary sun blindness, but I can’t believe I forgot that school is right around the corner. Especially because back to school prep used to be my fav prep. New books! New pencil case! New backpack! NEW SHOES! But school isn’t all fun and games and fashion. It can be stressful too. So pay attention class! Miss Flo is about to give you some advice.

Check out some of the Q's you asked below! 


Ugh, having your period in class is the wooooorst. Sitting with cramps all day, blah. Here are my tips: 

Get enough sleep the night before! Sure, you sometimes get caught in a TikTok web and then bam, it’s 3 AM. But when it’s your time of the month, try and get at least 8 hours a night. Lack of sleep can make PMS symptoms worse. If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep, check out Knixteen’s Sleepover Short. 

Move as much as possible! You have to sit allll day in class, but try and get an extra stroll in between them or at lunch. Read more about exercising on your period here

Stay hydrated! You should always be drinking water, but it’s super important while on your period!

Avoid salty foods! I know, I know, we loooove to snack on our periods. A lil french fry here or there? Delish, count me in. But salt only makes you more bloated, which makes it even more uncomfy to be at school. 


Oooooh a period survival kit is absolootely necessary. Isabella @ Knixteen has you covered with the perfect emergency kit. You and your parents can go through her list and make sure everything is picked, packed and prepped for the first day back. Check it out here, and check everything off your list! 


E, this is something that I personally struggle with. Have you ever seen this meme, because it’s literally me. 

Here’s what I’ve found useful. My phone is my biggest distraction, and turning it off is not an option for me (sorry I love her too much, I’m obsessed with notifications). So instead, I set a timer for 30 minutes. Or 45. Or sometimes an hour. Whatever chunk of time you need to get your homework DONE. Then I put her on silent, and shove her on the other side of the room where I’m not allowed to use her until the alarm goes off. 

Another tip? Don’t use your laptop unless you have to. Sometimes I write things out by hand first (I know.... retro), because being on the internet is waaaay too distracting for me. 

Have an amazing time back at school! See you soon! 

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