Ask Aunt Flo: Bras, Baths and Bloating

Aunt Flo is back with another round of questions!

Hiiiii sisters and welcome to another gorgeous edition of Ask Aunt Flo. Every month, I, Aunt Flo, answer all your burning, scorching, piping hot Q’s. I’m an expert in all things BFFs, boys, bras and baffling period quandaries. Have a question for lil’ ol’ me? DM me on IG @knixteen! 

Now let’s riiiHHHHse and ShhhhiiiNE and get answering! 

SKSKSKS, I’m screaming at your text!! First of all, this may seem like the most awkward thing in the entire universe (no one wants to talk about boobs with their mom), but try to remember that she’s BEEN THERE! She had to ask her mom for one too back in the day. And newsflash my sweet lil thing… if you feel like you’re ready for a bra...your mom…..most likely…...already knows! New boobs aren’t exactly a secret. If you’re not comfy enough to have the convo IRL, we recommend texting her a link to a bra you like! My personal recommendation is The Everyday Bra. Just copy and paste the link and send! She’ll get the hint!

Short Answer: YES! 

Long Answer: YES! And don’t forget to treat yourself with a colorful AF bath bomb and some essential oils (lavender is super calming). You won’t bleed while you’re in the bath, and the hot bath acts like a full body hot water bottle. So say goodbye to cramps, and say hello hello hello to relaxation. SOAK AWAY!!

Sometimes when you’re on your period, it can feel like everrrryone knows. Between the bloat, the doubling over from the cramps, and the trips to the washroom, it can definitely be like “Um hello paparazzi? Stop looking at me!”. 

The thing is, no one is really paying attention to you thaaaat much (sorry to burst your bubble)! As long as you shower or take a bath regularly on your period and protect yourself against period leaks with absorbant underwear… no one will know the difference!

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