ASK AUNT FLO: Maturity and Bras and Boys, Oh My!

Have a question? Aunt Flo has answers! Join her for the first edition of “Ask Aunt Flo”, where she dives into your Q’s about first bras, boys and the best ways to deal with your period.

Hi friends, and welcome to the first ever edition of ASK AUNT FLO! You may be asking yourself, who is this person about to give me advice. Is she certified? Is she a life coach? A doctor? A psychologist? IS SHE EVEN AN AUNT?

My answer to all these questions is…. no sis! Don’t be ridiculous. But don’t worry- there is something that makes me super qualified to give *u* advice about periods, high school, relationships and life in general. So, what makes me qualified? I WAS ONCE A TEEN! Surprise, I’ve already lived it. And I’ve already lived it BADLY, which means you do not have to.

Before we get started I would like to reiterate that I am not actually a doctor. I have watched a trillion hours of Grey’s Anatomy which should equal a medical degree, but that’s unfortunately (or fortunately?) not the world we live in. If you have a legitimate medical question, whether that be about your mental or physical health, please seek out a doctor or medical professional.


How do I ask my mom for a bra? -JH

Hi JH, great question! It’s funny you ask, I recently asked my BFF how she requested her first bra too. This was her response:


There is a reason why I have an advice column and Amanda does not. Do not be Amanda.

If you’re nervous about approaching your parents about anything “grown up” related, it makes it easier if you remember that THEY’VE BEEN THERE! Your mom had to ask your grandmother for a bra; your grandmother had to ask your great-grandmother for a bra; and your great-great-great-great grandmother had to ask the dinosaurs for some prehistoric coconuts to help cover up her brand new boobs. 

Start by asking your mom what she was like when she was your age. What was she good at in school? What were her friends like? When did she get her period? Was she freaked out? When did she start wearing a bra? Getting to know what your mom’s life was like as a teen will help you feel more comfortable asking for what you need. A simple convo is the best way to start, get talking!

What can us girls do when we are mature and start to like boys but they aren’t mature?- IDK

Listen up sis, because I am about to make a *steaming* hot mug of truth tea, and then immediately SPILL it on the floor. Crash crash bang BANG. Sure, there will be the odd boy here or there that impresses you with the fact he can read. But for the most part, you’re gonna have to strap yourself in for a long journey filled with boys who aren’t quite on the same page as you.

If you feel like they’re making you crazy, just know you’re not alone. You actually have science to back you up! A study done by Newcastle University revealed that the brain goes through a huuuuuge re-org during puberty-- and it typically happens a lot earlier and faster in girls.

So what can you do with that big beautiful evolving brain & heart of yours? Don’t expect too much from the boys you’re crushin’ on! It may take an extra minute (...or 10 years), but they’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, focus on your hobbies and figure out what else you’re passionate about. A lot of great art is made when ur feeling “in luv”, so if you channel all that energy into your work, you are gonna thrive bb!

What are some really good period hacks?- D

Luckily, our good pal Allie at Knixteen has you covered. You can check out her blog post here where she’ll clue you into the absolute best period hacks. But here’s the gist: create a handy period emergency kit (make sure you obvs include a pair of Oh-No Leakroof undies), track your period, drink lots of water, werkkkkkkk out, and sleep lots! YOU GOT THIS! I’m rooting for you, we are all! rooting! for you!

If you have a question you’re too nervous to ask even Siri or Alexa, send me a DM on Instagram @Knixteen. I’ll keep you anon little ones, so your identity will be safe & sound. Just ask for me, Aunt Flo. I may pick your Q to A next time ;)

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