Ask Aunt Flo: The Period Cycle Edition

Have a question? Aunt Flo has answers! Join her for the special third edition of “Ask Aunt Flo”, where she dives into the question, “What the HECK is going on with my cycle?”

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends! Thanks for joining me again for the third edition of Ask Aunt Flo. Three is my lucky number, so I decided to do something a little different this time. I noticed a lot of you have been asking me a very similar question lately, so I’m gonna do a deep dive into something that’s been on your minds. Yeehaw, let’s get going!

Dear Aunt FLO, I got my first period 8 months ago and haven’t had one since! What should I do? - JD

Thanks for the question JD!

Before I answer this, let me give you a little heads up. Would I look adorbs in scrubs? Yes, absolutely. Should I star in my own medical drama series called Doctor Flo, MD? Of course, bring on my multiple Emmy Awards. Do I WebMD every time I get a papercut? All the time, just to be safe. But am I actually a licensed medical professional? Unfortunately, no (despite how many eps of Grey’s Anatomy I have consumed in this lifetime).


With that warning, here’s what I can tell ya. It’s actually quite typical for your period to be irregular for the first few years! Your body is going through a pretty giant change, so sometimes it just needs a bit of extra time for the engine to rev up.

A lil’ recap on how periods work: one of your lil’ ovaries will release a lil’ egg which is called ovulation. When the #EggDrops your uterus prepares itself for a potential #EggFertalization by strengthening its walls for pregnancy. But if your lil #EggAintFertalized, then your uterus doesn’t need all that extra lining. So all that extra tissue and bloods gotta leave your body SOME way. And VOILA! Your period! (also if I don’t see any of these hashtags trending by tomorrow…. smh)

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To put it simply: your body just needs some time to learn your #EggDrop schedule. Over time, your period will become more steady and predictable. Also, try not to compare yourself to any of your friends! Everyone’s cycle is different, and this is especially true right at the starting line of the looOOOng race that is your period.

If you’re feeling kinda funky about this, please check in with your own doctor or other licensed medical professional. Sometimes medicine, excess exercising, certain foods and different hormone levels can throw your cycle into a whack. Talking to a doctor or nurse will make you feel a lot stressed about this whole sitch, and they’ll be able to give you personalized recommendations to help you regulate your tricky friend in Red.



Because your period is on her own schedule, you might be like…..”WELL TICK TOCK SIS, WHEN WILL I KNOW SHE’S COMING?”. Here are some signs that your period is about to storm into town:

  1. Your boobs hurt
  2. You’re breaking out
  3. You’ve been in a horrible, no good, very bad mood
  4. You’ve finished like, an entire box of cereal in 5 mins and are still hungry

So what can you do to prepare for the unpredictable? Keep an emergency period kit handy at all times: include tampons, pads, your cup- whatever period protection you’re into. If you need other ideas to complete your period kit, our BFF Allie will help you do a full prep over here.

PRO TIP: Just make sure when some of the symptoms start appearing, you have a pair of ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear on. You’ll thank me later!

If you have a question you’re too nervous to ask Siri or Alexa, send me a DM on Instagram @Knixteen. I’ll keep you anon, so your identity will be safe & sound. Just ask for me, Aunt Flo. I may pick your Q to A next time :)

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