ASK AUNT FLO: The Tea on Tampons, PMSing, and Working Out

Have a question? Aunt Flo has answers! Join her for the second edition of “Ask Aunt Flo”, where she dives into your Q’s about PMSing, tampons, and… Riverdale?

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and Spring is HERE! I cannot be more excited! *stands outside, feels warmth on my face for the first time in 8 months, thanks the universe*

In between putting your snowsuits away and dusting off your jean jackets for the new season, you also dropped by @Knixteen and DM’d us some amazing questions.

Welcome to the second edition of Ask Aunt Flo, LET’S GET INTO IT.

Dear Aunt Flo, my mom always tells me that I need to exercise when I'm on my period - but I just want to curl up in my bed and watch Netflix! (Riverdale is bae)  What should I do?????? - BC

GIRL, I want to curl up in bed and watch Riverdale even when I’m not on my period, so I am right there with you. We loveeee a TV show centered around a buff redhead (and the local town gang?? Can someone tell me what the heck is going on with this storyline??).

However, and you’re going to hate me for this… your mom is right. Don’t get me wrong, your mother and I aren’t telling you to like, run a full marathon every day of your cycle. You don’t need to be all “crossfit realness” and go lifting and tossing tires around or anything like that. All we’re saying is, go take a walk! Stretch between classes! Ride your bike to school! Dance around your room!

Here’s why: exercising during your period boosts your endorphins which will boost your mood  quickly turning you from a Cheryl to a Betty. It’ll also help you fight off cramps the same way Archie fought the Southside Serpents. ANDDD working out will have you sleeping as soundly as if the Black Hood never terrorized your little town. Now pause that episode and get moving!

Dear Aunt Flo, when I'm on my period I get so angry! Everything my friends say and do is so annoying! What's wrong with me????????? - CB

First off, let me say- nothing is wrong with you and don’t let anyone tell you OTHERWISE. You are perfect and beautiful and your own lil goddess, even when you’re in the middle of a PMS induced RAGE.

If you’re feeling like your emotions are just a little bit too big for you during your time of the month, just remember it’s totally normal. Your hormones get a bit whack before and during your period, and your estrogen levels can have a majeee effect on your mood.

Here are some tips so you can chill out when you’re feeling red hot:

  1. Drop the caramel macchiato for a week. Caffeine will make you feel more anxious, irritable, and high strung. Replace with water. Write this down: when ur hydrated, ur HAPPY.  
  2. Meditate. Manage your stress by calming your body and mind. There are a ton of apps like Headspace that will help you feel Zen again.  If that’s not for you, try out some deep breathing techniques or yoga. Downward Dog the anger away!
  3. Eat icecream. YAAAA YOU HEARD ME! A clinical trial found that calcium helps with PMS related mood shwings, which to me just sounds like an excuse to finish that tub in one sitting.

Do all of these things + whatever usually makes you happy (movies, exercise, scrolling through Instagram etc, etc) . This will absolutely = less rage during the most annoying week of your month :)

Aunt Flo, my mom has never used tampons, so she won’t let me use them. How do I convince her? - SO

Hey SO, great question! HERE’S THE THING, people are often scared of what they don’t know! It sounds like your mom may be acting a lil stubborn and nervous because she doesn’t have much experience with tampons. And that’s okay!

What I want you to do is become a lawyer and state your case. I don’t actually mean become a lawyer (who has the time right now, you can pull an Elle Woods and do that later). What I mean is: bring your mom the FACTS. Do your research on all the different forms of period protection available, including tampons. What are the benefits of using one? Why do you have to be careful with them? How do you use a tampon safely?

Knixteen has some cool resources about tampons, including a blog on how to wear one for the first time. My BFF Allie also has you covered on how to wear tampons to sleep. Doing your homework will help you and your mom separate fact and fiction. Come to your mom prepared to drop some knowledge, and you’ll win your case in no time.

If you have a question you’re too nervous to ask Siri or Alexa, send me a DM on Instagram @Knixteen. I’ll keep you anon, so your identity will be safe & sound. Just ask for me, Aunt Flo. I may pick your Q to A next time :)

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