Ask Aunt Flo: Why Do Periods Sync?

Why do our periods sync? What's the meaning of life? What happened to Taylor Swift's girl squad? Aunt Flo breaks it down.

BABES! I’m baaaAAAACK! It’s been a while since we chatted, and I really wish I had some more exciting updates for you. As you know, I’m used to the glam, gorge, jet-setting lifestyle— but I’ve been leaning hard into #StayingHomé and #MaskingUppé.

Sure, of course I’ve gotten offers to quarantine with Ariana and Joan in Boca. Even Kourtney and Addison hmu last month to see if I’d be in the pilot of their new show. Gigi and Zayn? They asked me to be the Godmother of their new baby. But I turned all of these down in the name of being safe. We’re in a pandemic ya’ll!! If Aunt Flo can say “Sorry Nonna Grande, I’m gonna have to sit this one out. Say hi to Frankie for me!!”, you can stay home too! 

So in between quarantining in my high-rise with my 9 pomeranians and watching TikToks, I’m so excited KT (come thru rebrand!) has asked me back to answer some of your Q’s about periods. Alexa? Play Shania Twain. NOW. Let’s go girls!!!

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Why do me and my friends sync periods?

I loooove syncing periods. There is nothing more Sisterhood of the Travelling Panterinas to me than when me and my clique are bleeding in unison. It very much gives me Taylor Swift girl squad/ Bad Blood/1989 vibes and I am so damn here for it! It says to me, “Our bond is so powerful that even the innermost cells of our precious BODIES know!!! Now let’s all double cheek kiss!!!!!!!!!!”

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Here’s the thing. Period syncing is one of the most mysterious things known to humankind. In fact, there isn’t actually any concrete scientific proof that we even sync to begin with! The phenomenon was first studied in 1971 when psychologist Martha McClintok (come thru women in STEM!!) studied 135 women living in a dorm. The tea? She concluded that monthly cycles sync up because our pheromones (chemicals we produce!) influence each other when we’re in close contact.  

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Now, I am with Miss Martha M on this one. But a few recent studies have actually proven otherwise! So here’s what I’ll say. No one really knows why you sync up or if you even do at all— it’s hard to prove! BUT, it certainly is fun when it happens. Have a good time with it queens— it always feels better to have someone (or the whole dang squad) relate when you’re les miserablés. Omg. BAD BLOOD. IS THAT WHAT THE SONG IS ABOUT?????

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Should I tell my friends when I start my period? 

Diva, my answer here is very simple. You tell whoever you want to tell, as long as you’re comfortable with it! If you trust your friends and know they’ll be supportive and excited for you, tell them! That’s hot! If you’re not too sure and think they might be weird about it, maybe have a conversation about periods in general first. Have your pals gotten theirs yet? Are they nervous too? Have they tried using tampons? Bring it up! Send a text! Snap a Q! Call a friend! Things aren’t so scary or gross the more you talk about them (except spiders, don’t get me started babe)!! Ring ring? Let's talk about periods. 

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I think that rule applies to most people when it comes to your period. It might feel weird or uncomfy to talk about, but more than half the population has one— so it’s really normal as far as human body stuff goes. You got this qt!! 

How do I make sure I don’t bleed through in school? 

Worrying about leaking on my period has always been so, so anxi inducing. I feel you. I’m with you. I 👀  you. Here’s what I recommend:

As in most things in life, go prepared! Track your cycle, pack a period kit full of all your pad and tampon essentialinos, and keep an extra sweater in your locker just in case you leak a little. This Survival Guide will teach you everything you need to know

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But I also have a secret trick too, which involves a very magical bippity boppity boo pair of underwear. KT has Leakproof Period Underwear that I’m absolutely obsoooossed with, and they’re super absorbent. This means that the underwear absorbs any blood before getting on your pants (or your desk chair)!! There are different kinds based on your flow, and you can read more about which undies are right for you here! They have saved my butt so many times. Literally. 

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That’s it for this month! I gotta go, Billie Eillish keeps trying to FT me. She’s soooo random like that. TTYL, cannot WAIT to hug you all soon!



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