Dress Up With Seamless Underwear and Avoid Visible Panty Lines At Parties and School

While you might not know what visible panty lines are, you’ll definitely have experienced them at some point in your life. We have all the answers for you and how to avoid them!

While you might not know what visible panty lines are, you’ll definitely have experienced them at some point in your life. Whether you’re dressed to impress in a cute maxi dress or slouching around the house in your yoga pants, visible panty lines (or VPL for short) are almost unavoidable. They’re embarrassing, hard to hide, and can basically ruin an outfit — they’re a real bummer.

Ladies, we’ve all been there… but we don’t have to take them lying down! Let me run through exactly what VPL is — and how you can get rid of panty lines forever.

What are visible panty lines?

VPL is the professional-sounding name for something that’s anything but. It’s essentially when the outline of your underwear is visible through your clothing, whether it’s a dress, a skirt, or leggings.

And while it’s fine if hanging out in your own home (who are you trying to impress, your cat?), visible underwear lines are the last thing you want when you’re strutting your stuff out at school or a party. You want the attention on that killer jeans you’re wearing, not your panty line!


So to help you banish the line and embrace a smooth silhouette, Knixteen present to you the only visible panty line solutions you need to look on-point when you’re dancing the night away.

How to get rid of panty lines

There are plenty of ways you can vanish your underwear lines, but they usually revolve around changing your outfit.

Sure, you could wear a thick, chunky dress to hide your VPL… but that’s not really the best option when you’re sweltering hot in the middle of a hot summer. And yeah, maybe you could use a loud print to camouflage your underwear lines. But you don’t want to wear nothing but crazy patterns for the rest of your life!

So instead of letting your VPL own you, own your panty lines with the best seamless (and period proof) underwear out there!

Seamless boyshorts

Wearing something thick is all well and good in winter, but you can’t wear it every day (especially when summer rolls around and you’re thinking about your light, gorgeous summer dresses!). So how do you hide panty lines during the hotter months?

The boy(shorts) are back in town...



Knixteen’s boyshorts are the best seamless underwear that you need in your life. They’re specially designed to be super light, super thin (and super comfortable too), turning your visible panty lines into invisible panty lines. And because they curve right under your butt rather than over it, you could be wearing anything and they’d still be disguised.

Oh, and they’re period-proof too? Boyshorts to the rescue!

No-show bikinis

Boyshorts are great for hiding your panty lines. But while they’re certainly up there when it comes to the best seamless underwear, they’re not perfect for every occasion. For example, those leotards that are oh so popular.

I know what you’re thinking: boyshorts and leotards? Not a good look. But leotards and Knixteen’s no-show bikini are a match made in heaven.


In fact, Knixteen’s seamless bikini is a match made with anything: leotards, bikini tops, lace dresses, gowns — anything. They’re amazingly thin, and fit so close to my body that they’re basically a second skin. Most bikinis are awful at hiding panty lines, but Knixteens are fantastic and work with almost everything.

And I mean everything. Girls are active and like to play sports and work out, you can be active without these riding halfway up your butt. Knixteens are made with Lycra Sport fabric, making them easy to move around in and super-absorbent too, letting me focus on my game.

But we really have to mention how good the Bikini Knixteens are with yoga pants too. There’s nothing we hate more than trying stretching out in a downward dog and catching a glimpse of VPL in the mirror — not very Zen! Knixteen bikinis make it look like you're going completely commando (but without any of the discomfort).

And like their boyshorts, Knixteen’s bikinis are period-proof too. No more VPL and no more embarrassing leaks? That works just fine for this lady!

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Like periods, underwear lines are a fact of life for us girls. But just as we don’t have to let our periods get us down, we don’t have to let our visible panty lines get us down either. Knixteen offers some of the best no-show seamless underwear out there to help you get banish your panty lines. Now get out there and get turnt!

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