How to Be More Eco-Friendly While Staying Home

To celebrate Earth Day, we asked you how you've been helping our planet while you stay home 🌎

Next week, on April 22nd we’ll be celebrating Earth Day! It’s a day to celebrate the beautiful planet we live on, but it’s also a day to recognize that we don’t often treat our home in the best and most loving way possible. Most importantly, it’s a day to plan and commit to our own personal initiatives that’ll make the Earth cleaner, happier and much, much healthier. 

And we think we shouldn’t just do this one day a year, but every 👏 single 👏 day 👏

We reached out to our community to see how they celebrate Earth, especially while they #StayHome. Between recycling and repurposing and everything in between, we hope you take some inspiration from these amazing ideas! Are you doing anything environmentally friendly around your house? DM us to let us know.

First up is @isarodrigue_ . Isabelle told us how she started her own garden to produce her own veggies, and recently started baking her own bread instead of buying it. She sent us a picture of what she just baked, and we’re drooling! Delicious and an easy way to practice sustainability at home? Save us a piece, we’ll be right over. 


@Sarinarene also shared with us her amazing idea of eliminating paper towels by repurposing old clothes into rags. Have some old t-shirts shoved at the back of your closet? Cut them up and use them to clean. Check out some Sarina made with an old pair of PJs. 

Looking for an eco-friendly solution to use with your new PJ rags? Shannon’s got you. She suggests using a mixture of vinegar and water instead of other chemical filled alternatives. She’s also a big fan of walking everywhere! Instead of hopping into the car to pick up groceries or visit friends (to wave from afar!), walking is the way to go. It helps to have a cute dog named Miguel with you. Hi Miguel, Happy Earth Day! 

Repurposing everyday items instead of throwing them out is always an easy way to help reduce your carbon footprint. And Melissa’s got it down with her glassware. She hasn’t bought cups in over 2 years thanks to tomato sauce jars. We always knew eating pasta would help save the world! 

Thanks everyone for sharing your sustainability hacks while staying home! Are you doing anything to celebrate Earth Day every day? Send us a DM, we would love to share. Happy Earth Day! 

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