What's New in Kt's Free Period Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Puberty and Menstruation

Download your free copy of the latest edition of our period guide to find answers to all your awkward questions about puberty – including illustrations, interactive worksheets, and a discount code for your next Kt by Knix purchase.

As your body begins to change and everything starts to shift, it’s likely you’re going to have a question or two about what exactly is going on. Why are my nipples tender? What is this hair growing under my arms? Does getting a period hurt? While you can always go to a trusted adult to get answers to these questions, sometimes it can be awkward to ask – and you might not even know what information you’re looking for in the first place.

That’s why Kt created the Period Guide, a free resource for anyone going through puberty which aims to demystify all the changes happening in your body right now. The goal is to help shed the stigma against puberty and periods by using proper terminology instead of cutesy names.

Since we first launched the Period Guide all the way back in March 2022, we’ve made a number of shiny new improvements so it’s even more helpful than ever. In addition to answering everything you ever wanted to know about puberty and menstruation, it now features an updated design for maximum engagement, interactive sections with quizzes to test your puberty knowledge and some journal prompts to encourage self-love. We also created a brand-new printable period tracker that you can record the details of your cycle without using a period tracker app. Observing the details of your period each month will help you get more comfortable with your cycle and you’ll be better able to predict what awaits you each month (cramps! cravings!) in the future.

Here’s what you can expect from inside the Period Guide:

  1. A detailed description of different parts of the vulva
  2. The stages of puberty broken down, from breast development to pubic hair
  3. What different colors of vaginal discharge mean
  4. Answers to commonly asked menstruation questions such as: is having your period painful? How long will my period last?
  5. The options you have when it comes to choosing period products
vaginal discharge


Could it get any better? Actually, yes! Everyone who downloads the Kt Period Guide will will find a discount code for their next purchase. (Scroll to the end of the ebook to find it.) Learning more about your period and getting a discount off of your favorite period underwear? Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Click here to download the Kt Free Period Guide. 

(To download in Canada, click here.)

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