Aunt Flo: Difficult Relatives & Disastrous Vacations

Aunt Flo responds to your special holiday questions!

HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYS!! I am currently off on much needed ski trip on top of a snowy mountain (I have to keep my actual lodge location a secret, the paparazzi are relentless as I'm sure you can imagine), but heard that the @knixteen inbox was absolooootely flooded with questions! So here I am, in my chalet with a nice mug of hot chocolate, ready to dive into your questions. I'm so excited! Let's get to it! 

HI XM! Thank you for your question! 

TBH you came to the right place. Not to be cocky, but I am probably the most qualified person to give you advice on this. I have almost 50 cousins. 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a thing or two about big families. And I know a thing or two about getting annoyed with them. Between differing opinions (who voted for who??), crowded spaces (move, I’m trying to get food!!), it can definitely be a lot of energy— even if you love them to death. 

So how do keep your Christmas spirit up when everything (and everyone) is a bit overwhelming? It might be difficult to do, but try and find some time for yourself. Whether that means sneaking off to your room in 5 min increments to find your zen (aka check your gram), or taking a late night bath/ hot shower when everyone else is asleep waiting for Santa— some quiet, alone time will stop the blood from boiling and re-center you amongst the chaos that is Christmas. 


Sometimes it can be a bit more than just being annoyed with everyone. Family isn’t always a safe space for some people, and so being around them during the holidays can be really tough. Maybe this is what it’s like for you in your family. They might be unsupportive, or not understand you. They may have different beliefs, or judge you harshly for things out of your control. Point blank: being surrounded by these people can really flippin SUCK!!!!! Especially during the holidays. 

If this is you, here’s my advice: try to find time to do things that make you feel good. Watch your fav movie! Read your fav book! Cuddle your pets! But most importantly: make plans with pals who love you! Bake cookies with your best friend! Tell the people who support you (teachers, friends, friends’ parents, ppl in your community) that you appreciate them! And easier said than done, but remember that it’s temporary! When you enter adulthood it becomes a bit easier to say no to hanging out with people who aren’t good for your mental health. It can defs be difficult to shake the obligation if you still live at home and aren’t fully independent yet, but it is on the horizon. You got this. 

 Hey A! This is an A+ question! It’s sooo easy to get bummed out when your period comes to town the second you leave town. Thankfully there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still enjoy your fab beach vacay! The sun and sun awaits you!

You can definitely still swim on vacation. In fact I encourage it! If your period is light, you can jump right into the water. You’ll probably want to put on period protection (a pad, tampon, cup, period undies)right after getting out of the water though, but while swimming you’ll be A-OK. If it’s heavier, a menstrual cup or tampon will do the trick. Wading in the ocean will probs help out our cramps too, so major points there. And no, sharks will not attack you! If you need more detailed info on swimming on your period, you can check out our guide here. Read up, then pack your cutest bathing suit, and get going! 

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