How to DIY Tie-Dye in 7 Easy Steps

Looking to match your new Tie-Dye Undies? Our DIY expert Evie has you covered!

In celebration of our new SO VIBEY Tie-Dye print, we're teaching you how to tie-dye your whole summer to match! 

Did you know we have someone on Team Kt whose entire job is being our Tie-Dye Expert? It's true. Check her resume—her job title is "Tie-Dye Queen". She's the inspiration behind our new Tie-Dye period undies! Meet Evie.

Evie's going to teach you how to make matching tie-dye gear for your new bright summer look. Follow along and get rolling on your new DIY project. But first thing's first, here's what you need. Take it away Evie! 

Tie-Dye Shopping List: 

    • 100% cotton t-shirt, shorts, pants, bandana, whatever garment you want! (highly recommend all-natural fabric, if you have to go with a polyester blend, make sure your dye works with polyester fabrics)
    • Clean elastics, baking twine or string
    • Dye! I prefer to use this brand because the quality is amazing
    • Water
    • Squeeze bottles with nozzle, like these.
    • Gloves
    • Something clean to work on, a tarp, towels. DYE WILL GET EVERYWHERE.
    • Optional: Soda Ash (heat baking soda in the oven at 200F for an hour. Soda ash increases the pH levels in the water, which makes the garment soak up more color. SCIENCE! 🤓) 

How to Tie-Dye! 

1. Soak your garments in soda ash and water (1 cup of soda ash, 3 litres/1 gallon of warm water about 96F), for about 5 minutes or so.

2. (Optional) Wring out the garment by hand. Do NOT rinse it at this point.

3. On your clean working surface, tie up your garment however you like. Personally, I like to wing it and see what happens! You can scrunch, wrap, spin your garment and tie it up however you like. Here's me scrunching it: 

And here's what it's looked like when it's all scrunched up: 

4. Make your dye! Every dye has different instructions so follow what’s on your bottle. Apply your dye from a squeeze bottle onto your damp garment. Go a little heavy with the dye, you want to make sure it soaks through to the centre of your garment. I tend to stick to 2-3 colours per garment and will use almost all the dye in the bottle from those colours. Make sure you rotate and get into the creases. 

5. Put your dyed garment in a plastic bag (you can wash and reuse these for your next tie dye project) and let it sit in a warm place for 12-24 hours. The sun is the best for this!

6.  Take your garment out of the bag and rinse in cold water (do not remove elastics or string yet) until water nearly runs clear. Remove the ties and wring it out. 

7. Wash your garments with cold water and dry on low heat (or air dry). Know that the colour will fade slightly after you wash it, but I think it looks better post-wash. 

And here are the final results!

Trying it out? Tag us in your creations @Knixteen!  And make sure to complete the look with a pair of our SO VIBEY period underwear! 

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