How to Store Bras: A Guide

We teach you how to organize, store and travel with all your new bras!

When you’re new to the bra game, there’s a lot to think about. What size am I? Can everyone tell I’m wearing one? Is this fitting right? But what we sometimes forget to think about is how to actually store them. Read on to find a step by step guide, with tips and tricks on how to organize your bras, both at home and while travelling!

STEP 1: Get a Drawer

First things first, you need something to actually put your bras in. If you’ve been wearing a bra for a while, you most likely already have a dedicated space for your little collection. If you don’t, it’s time to clear out a drawer! Cleaning out your drawers isn’t the most fun task, but put on some tunes and get rolling. Relocate those PJs to a different spot or clear out your drawer of single socks, it’s time for your bras to have an official home!


 STEP 2: Color Coordinate 

If you’re half asleep when you get dressed in the morning (just me?), you want to make reaching for a bra the easiest thing in the world. For max organization, color coordinate your bra drawer! It’s super easy: all the lights together, and all the darks together. You can do this with your undies too! This way, you’ll be able to find which bra you need for certain shirt colors without much digging. 

STEP 3: Stand and Space

Like Ariana in NASA, your bras need SPACE. Folding them or just tossing them in your drawer can crumple them or cause the cups to lose their shape. Instead, stand them up slightly and layer them on top of one another, with the cups inside of each other so the cup shape is held. If you have bras that don’t have padded or molded cups (like bralettes), you can lay those flat and stack them. 


STEP 4: Stay Gentle

Once you’re organized, spaced and stacked, the real challenge is keeping them that way! The main point to remember is to be gentle with them. The things you keep closest to your boobs should be treated with care! Treat them well, and they’ll treat you well!


This is an easy one. Same rules apply as above! Don’t fold or crumple and be gentle. This is kinda hard to do though, especially as everything gets squished in luggage! We recommend laying your bras flat in your suitcase, with the cups inside one another to maintain the shape. If you want to be extra careful, roll some socks inside the cups of the bra right at the bottom. Works like charm! 

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