In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

We will continue to listen, learn, and speak out. 

At our core, Kt has always been about loving, respecting and honoring all people. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do when it comes to continuously supporting our Black and Brown communities. Right now, we are dedicating time to think about our privilege, educate ourselves, and find concrete and actionable ways to support each other both within our workplace, and throughout our broader community. Right now, we are dedicating ourselves to a better future. A future where systemic racism and police brutality are abolished. A future where #BlackLivesMatter. 

Knix (together with Kt) will be committing ourselves to a $100,000 donation in support of Black Lives Matter. We will be donating an immediate $25,000, combined with an ongoing $75,000 of proceeds from our Knix Nudes Collection and Postpartum Collection. You can learn more about this here. We stand in full solidarity with Black Lives Matter for several reasons. 

BLM is an all encompassing global organization doing work on the ground in the USA, Canada and the UK. This movement focuses on issues concerning racial injustice, police brutality, criminal justice reform, Black immigration, economic injustice, LGBTQIA+ and human rights, environmental injustice, voting rights, access to education and access to healthcare. 

What you can do 

Click here for a list of anti-racist resources. It includes articles to read, podcasts to listen to, documentaries to watch and organizations to support. If you’re a parent, there are also resources included that help facilitate these conversations with your kids. 

Click here for a list of what you can do to help. It includes petitions to sign, organizations to donate to, phone numbers to call, templates for contacting your local government, and information for protestors. 

Share these with friends, family members, co-workers and neighbours. These conversations start at home and they must be ongoing. 

Kt will continue to listen, learn and speak out. And we will continue to stand in complete solidarity with the fight against systemic racism, police brutality, and the historic oppression of the Black Community. #BLM #BlackLivesMatter

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