KT Pride: Zoey Luna

This month, we’re chatting with a few of Kt's amazing queer community members. Meet Otter!

Happy Pride! Yes! Pride is about singing and dancing and screaming as much Lady Gaga as your vocal chords can allow. But more than that, Pride is about celebrating and honouring all the colorful and courageous people in your community. This month, we’re chatting with some of the Knixteens we are most proud of. Check out Otter Jung-Allen in our first post!

Next up is Zoey Luna, actress, model and activist extraordinaire. She’s the fiercest Leo we know and you can check her out in Boundless. We’re so excited we caught up with her for Pride (and before she inevitably wins an Oscar)!

How are you celebrating pride this month?

This month I’m celebrating pride by being as visible as possible. Although being as visible as possible is a constant priority for me considering I’m a Leo. I’ll definitely be swinging by as many city and local prides this month, I’ll be making sure to uplift and celebrate by celebrating my fellow queers. As well as celebrating, I’ll be out there embracing our community by reminding folks that pride month isn’t the only month LGBTQ people need to have an emphasis on! LGBTQ are alive and hustling every day so let’s celebrate by acknowledging us year wide! 

How do you celebrate pride all year long?

I celebrate pride year long by making sure to participate in as many events, media, and conferences throughout the year! Drinking and watching Meghan Trainor in LA can be fun but, educating others on our needs and how to be respectful of our identities is important too.

Do you have any advice to your former self?

I don’t believe I have any advice to give to my former self because if it wasn’t for the mistakes and blunders she made I wouldn’t be as fabulous and rooted as I am today. Life gives you lessons, once you’ve experienced a lesson you learn, and knowledge is power! So other than wanting to say that I’d advise myself to wear less makeup I can’t really think of anything I’d want to tell former me.

What’s your Pride anthem this year?

My pride anthem this year is probably 7 Rings by Ariana Grande. The song is about manifestation and getting what you want and I think it’s empowering for everyone and anyone who stumbles upon it!  

Thanks Zoey! Check back into The Rag all month to keep celebrating!

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