5 Mental Health Instagram Accounts to Follow

We are sharing our top 5 favorite mental health Instagram accounts to follow in honour of World Mental Health Day.

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In honour of World Mental Health Day, we’ve put together a list of our favorite mental health and self care Instagram accounts. They use social media as a positive tool to discuss real issues, raise awareness and make us feel less alone.

1. Sad Girls Club 

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Sad Girls Club was created by Elyse Fox, who wants to create a community by opening up the conversation and ending the stigma behind mental health with GenZ and millenials. 

2. Headspace

Yes, this is a meditating app. And, yes, it is amazing. Their IG account often makes you remember to stop what you're doing a take a few deep and very necessary breaths. The perfect self care practice to do anywhere and at any time of the day!

3. Jen Gotch

Jen is the founder of the amazing brand ban.do. Not only does she have an Instagram account we follow religiously, but her podcast is a must! She openly discusses her life long battle with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, while using her unique humour.

4. Jessica Universe

Jessica is a teen influencer who YouTubes, Instagrams and is extremely talented in make-up and writing. She has battled with depression for years, and is fiercely open about it. She often IG stories about the healthy practises she does daily to help her mental health. 

5. Recipes for Self Care

Recipe for Self Care are a collection of amazing illustrations accompanied with various quotes, all revolving around mental health, self care and positive affirmations. They're also just really pretty to look at too.

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