Stop Trashing Your Period Challenge 🗑️

Can you go your entire cycle without using plastic?

Almost 6 billion tampons are bought annually in the United States alone. Add in pads, wrappers and other plastic period packaging, that is a lot of disposable period products filling up landfills. And while single-use plastics like straws and water bottles are being swapped for sustainable alternatives, we at Kt think it’s time to break up with disposable period products… for good!

Picture a world where plastic-ridden period products are a thing of the past. Sounds great, right? The real question is, though, how do we get there when it's already so easy to use period products that have plastic?

Three things: Challenge the status quo, raise awareness of plastic-free options and, most importantly, make the switch yourself.

Switching to period underwear during your cycle is an easy way to cut out single-use menstrual plastics like tampon applicators, pads, wrappers and other packaging.

Reusable period products aren't gross or unhygienic. Reusable products, such as cloth pads, period undies and menstrual cups, are becoming more and more popular across the United States and Canada—and for good reason! Content creators and everyday women have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on the topic, and with options becoming easier to come across (uh—hello! We're right here!) it will be easier for all bodies to participate in a plastic-free period than ever before.


Kt, along with our big sister brand Knix, challenges YOU to try and go your entire cycle without using a single disposable plastic product. Don’t know where to start? Shop period kits now. Use a mixture of ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear, Super ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear, and reusable pads, if needed.

We’re asking you to share your journey and encourage everyone you know to make the switch—for yourself, for the planet and for your wallet.

Post a photo or video to your Instagram stories, feed or both, and use the hashtag #StopTrashingYourPeriod and tag @ktbyknix for 5 chances to win 3 pairs of Super ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear—on us! Up for the challenge? Here’s what you’ll need to get through your cycle before joining the conversation:


Absorbing up to 3 tsp of liquid or 2 tampons, Kt’s Period-Proof Underwear are medium absorbency undies that are available in a variety of styles, depending on what makes you feel the most comfortable. These are perfect to wear solo on medium flow days, or for your entire cycle if your flow is typically on the lighter side. They can also be worn as a backup for extra confidence when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. 


You’ve prepped the hot water bottle and snacks—all you need now is Super ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear. The most absorbent pair of Leakproof Undies on the market, they’re capable of absorbing up to 40 ml of any liquid (period blood, sweat, bladder leaks, you name it). That’s the equivalent of 8 regular tampons. No need to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup with these—they can be worn on their own, just like regular underwear. Check out how they work here. A sustainable replacement of disposable period products, Super ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear is ready for even the mightiest crimson wave.


We all know that even when we’re off to dreamland, our period can still be wide awake. The Sleepover Short is a super-comfy sleep short that absorbs up to 4 tsps or 4 tampons worth of liquid. They have an extra long absorbent area that stops leaks no matter which way you toss and turn. Gone are the days of waking up with stained sheets, thanks to the Sleepover Short! 

Having a plastic-free period doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. There are even tampons without the plastic applicator! Use those with Kt Period-Proof Underwear, and you’re set for a safe light flow day. Learn here how to put in a tampon.

It's up to us to make a change, and making the switch to plastic-free options is the first step. Now that you know your options, you're ready to join the period challenge! Start a discussion between your friends in real life (IRL), on Twitter, Instagram or your favorite social media platform and show how you're going to #StopTrashingYourPeriod.

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