Taking Over the World: 5 Sustainable Influencers Who Inspire Us

We’ve rounded up our favorite people on the whole entire internet who kick some serious butt when it comes to helping Mother Nature. 

Looking to add more sustainable practices into your everyday life? Need some fresh inspo when it comes to being eco-friendly?

We’ve rounded up our favorite people on the whole entire internet who kick some serious butt when it comes to helping Mother Nature. From thrift shopping to eating green, here are our favorite sustainable influencers that we love following. 

Savi Gellatly-Ladd

Savi has done it all. A life-time activist,  she's been organizing and educating since high school. We spoke to them recently about their work with Climate Justice TO, how they started organizing, and their hopes for the future of menstruation. Check it out here!


Follow @yellowpeach.es and @climatejusticeto for tips on how to organize in your local community, and how to confront the climate crisis by addressing capitalism and colonialism first. 

Macy Eleni 

You may know Macy Eleni as @blazedandglazed on TikTok. One of the biggest fashion queens on the internet right now, you come for the amazing looks and stay for the thrifting inspo. Her only rule when thrifting? “You have to give good sh*t to get good sh*t. Every single time I thrift, I try to bring a bag of donations with me” she told Sheesh Magazine. 

Follow @blazedandglazed on TikTok to start ditching fast fashion, learn how to shop more responsibly, and give back to your community by donating clothes in return! 

Alexis Nikole 

@alexisnikole on TikTok will have you saying— Wait… I can eat that? An urban forager and educator teaching about local plants, Alexis is out here showing us what plants are safe to eat in our neighbourhood, and how we can make delicious meals out of them. Plus, Alexis integrates history into her TikToks, not only about the plants themselves, but her relationship with the Earth as a Black forager! 

Follow @alexisnikole (or @blackforager on Instagram) for green food inspo, and to learn about appreciating all green things growing in your community. 

Isaias Hernandez

An environmental educator who loves (un)learning, Isaias over on @queerbrownvegan works to make learning about the environment as accessible as possibleanswering everything from “Why is water conservation important?” to “Why is there a lack of diversity in veganism?”

Follow Isaias on @queerbrownvegan as an amazing resource for topics like zero waste, veganism, sustainability and LGBTQ+ representation in the climate movement. You’ll be glad you followed! For extra reading, you can check out his website here

Rachel Raisin

We love Rachel Raisin. A climate advocate and illustrator, @RachelRaisin’s passion for living a low waste/ secondhand lifestyle comes through in her artwork. From cute illustrations about choosing the right sustainable chocolate all the way to choosing sustainable menstruation options— Rachel has you covered. 

Follow @RachelRaisin to brighten up your feed and learn to make the world a better place all at once. 

Have more green inspo for us? DM us your fav follows over @ktbyknix!

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