How To Swim On Your Period

No, you won’t leave a blood trail in the water. Here’s how to handle beach season and your period this summer.

You can do everything (or nothing) on your period, including enjoying the water. Here’s how to handle beach season while on your period this summer.

Whether you’re in swimming lessons, getting ready for sleep-away camp, off on vacation, or just headed to the beach, we’ve all had that intrusive thought: "what if I get my period? Can I even swim on my period?"

From there, we pack a ton of period products, throw on an extra pair of shorts, and despite the gorgeous weather and hot sun, we suspiciously tell everyone, “I just don’t feel like swimming today." The thought of leaking in the water or on a beach towel feels too stressful and uncomfortable. Sound familiar? It doesn't have to!

At Kt, we created our period swimwear for teens so you can dip, dive, and swim comfortably – even on your period! Have some questions? No worries. Keep reading for some FAQs on swimming on your period in KT!

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Swimming pools, meet menstrual flow

Swimming on your period can feel a bit nerve-racking at first, we get it! But there are many ways you can prepare and protect yourself. First things first: if you know your flow, prepare yourself by putting in your menstrual cups or tampons (if you wear them) before hitting the pool. If you need some guidance on how to use a tampon or menstrual cup use, check out our handy guides.

Not on a first-name basis yet with your cycle, or have an irregular schedule? No sweat! You can still enjoy soaking up the sun by your favourite swimming pools, stress-free. For added peace of mind when you are wearing a tampon or menstrual cup, if you usually opt for pads or period underwear (pads are a no-go in water), or if you aren't sure when exactly to expect your period, period swimwear is an all-around great option. 

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Period blood and water - your questions answered

Q: Will my period blood attract sharks?

A: It is perfectly safe to swim while on your period, as long as you use proper protection. A common misconception is that menstrual blood is made up of just blood. Menstrual blood is actually made of up three main bodily fluids: blood, vaginal fluid and cells from your uterus lining. While sharks are very good at detecting blood, they can also detect other bodily fluids, such as urine.

This may feel a bit frightening, but remember, you aren't the only creature swimming in the ocean! Sharks can detect small traces of blood and secretions from fish and other ocean life, their preferred food source. Shark attacks on humans are rare and typically occur when a shark feels threatened rather than hungry.

As long as you are wearing proper period protection, swimming on your period poses no more of a threat than swimming while not on your period.

Safety note: remember to always swim near the lifeguard and with a buddy!

Q: Will I leave a trail of blood in the water?

A: Nope! Remember, protection is key. As long as you are wearing proper protection while swimming on your period, the only person who will know is you. If you wear tampons, remember to change them at least every six hours.

Q: Will the water pressure make my period cramps worse?

You may not feel like swimming while on your period, and that is totally okay! However, exercise, including swimming exercise, is one way your body releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers. So, exercising while on your period can help you manage your menstrual cramps.

Tell me about KT's swimwear

Sure thing! Let's break down some FAQs:

What makes KT swimwear different from period underwear?

We’ve spent years perfecting our period underwear, so we've got you when it comes to period swimsuits for teens. Period swimwear is just like the bathing suits you're used to — we offer bikinis and one-pieces in different coverage options — with the added advantage of absorbing your period blood. They are designed to perform in water and feel comfortable lounging by the pool. The only difference is a discreet gusset made of super absorbent material that can absorb three teaspoons of liquid, which is equal to three tampons or pads.

Bonus: our swimsuits offer +50 UPF protection, which means the fabric helps harmful UV radiation from the sun.

But how does it work?

The layers in the gusset of the underwear work to trap and absorb your period blood so it doesn’t leak in the water (or on land!) It features the same absorbent technology as our underwear, but it has an extra thin layer of waterproof material for added protection when you go swimming. 

How do they lock in your period but still get clean in the washing machine?

The inner layers absorb the blood and trap it so there's no leakage. When it goes in the wash with detergent, it releases through the top layer — leaving it fresh and clean for tomorrow's swim. Reminder: no bleach or softener, and lay flat to dry. 

I've heard period flow stops in water, is this true?

Although it may seem like it, your period doesn’t really stop while you’re swimming. Instead, you might be experiencing a reduction of flow due to the water pressure. Your period is still happening, it’s just not flowing out of your body at the same rate. Kt’s period swimwear traps these little leaks, leaving you comfortable while you swim – even on your period.

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When should I wear them?

If your flow is medium to light, or you’re at the end of your period — you can wear these completely solo. If your flow is heavy but you’re planning to hit the water, you can still wear a tampon or menstrual cup while swimming if that's what you're comfortable with, and our swimwear can serve as backup protection. Our period swimwear will catch any leaks that might sneak in, especially if you’re going in and out of the water. Everyone’s period is different, and you know your flow best!

PS: If you really like them, you can wear these when you're not on your period, too! 

Where can I wear KT’s period swimwear?

Anywhere! In a lake, at the beach, in the pool, running through the sprinkler, catching some rays in the backyard. Whether it’s a freshwater swim or a relaxing hot tub dip, they’re equally comfy (and leakproof) both in the water and on land.

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Are they easy to care for?

Yes! Not only is the fabric in Kt Swim chlorine and seawater resistant, but they also have 50+ UPF protection. That means you’re good to swim on your period in any body of water of your choice. So slap on some sunscreen, hop into your Kt Swim and let’s go swimming! 

How do I find the right size for me?

You can find sizing charts on every product page, but if you’re not sure or need help double checking you can book a free virtual fit appointment with one of our fit experts! They’ll make sure you get the right size so you can just keep swimming. 

With a ton of different styles, colors, and patterns, don't wait to shop our entire period swimwear collection here!

So, at the end of the day, can you swim on your period? At Kt, we believe the answer is a resounding Yes! But if you don’t want to, that’s totally cool, too. 

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