How We're Giving Back

At Kt, our goal is to empower, educate, and amplify the voices of this generation of teens and the next, so that they can bleed confidence wherever they go. Whether it’s their first cycle or their fifteenth, we believe every teen deserves period products that make them feel seen and supported. 



As part of this effort, Kt is committed to supporting youth communities in need through our social impact work. These initiatives are built on 3 main pillars:


Breaking Down Stigma: We believe that the way we speak about ourselves has power. Only through education and combating the shame so often attached to our bodies and their natural biological functions, can we learn to truly accept and advocate for ourselves. 
Changing Period Care for the Better: Reusable period products are not only a better choice for the environment, but also help young people who menstruate feel more confident navigating their first periods. By improving the efficacy and sustainability of our products and achieving higher adoption rates of reusable products, we’re working to lower the environmental impact of periods while supporting the needs of young menstruators.

Championing Youth: Puberty can be a confusing and challenging transition for teens. We want to create safer spaces and platforms that celebrate the individuality and creativity of young people and give voice to their ideas and concerns — so that they bleed confidence wherever they go.


Our work is ongoing and by no means complete. In order to ensure our efforts are meaningful, we focus on developing long-term programs with the right partners, and that these 3 social impact pillars are considered in all the work we do. Below, you’ll find a summary of the initiatives we’ve championed over the years.



2022 - 2023

Educate and Empower

We know that education is at the heart of preparing teens for their first period and building confidence as they navigate puberty–and we’ve heard teachers, educators, and students all call for easier access to period products and better learning materials in their classrooms.

That’s why we’ve developed a program to provide better and more accessible period education that introduces educators and students to quality reusable period underwear and provides them with inclusive period educational materials. Head here to learn more about how the program works, who is eligible, and how to apply. 

The #PeriodOvershare Program

At Kt by Knix, we believe in oversharing. In the world we live in, talking openly about our periods, using the correct anatomical terms for our body parts, and demanding more in terms of menstrual care are considered radical acts. But why? 

In an effort to fight period stigma and period poverty, we’ve partnered with PERIOD. to launch a year-long giving back program that asks our community to go there — to tell their stories openly and turn the very concept of oversharing on its head. Sweet, sad, or silly, these stories serve to capture and highlight the vast array of experiences around a topic that is too often kept secret, even among fellow menstruators. 

For each #PeriodOvershare that was posted, Kt by Knix donated a reusable period product in partnership with PERIOD. to communities in need, with a focus on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Two-Spirit (LGBTQIA2+) youth and youth that are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

How Donations Work

From May 2022 to May 2023, we worked together with PERIOD. to distribute products to community-based organizations based on participation in the program. Upon program close, Kt donated just over 20,000 pairs of reusable period products. 

Why We’re Partnering with PERIOD.

PERIOD. is a youth-fueled non-profit that strives to eradicate period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. Through the distribution of menstrual products, promotion of youth leadership, and championing of menstrual equity in policy, PERIOD. aims to center those disproportionately affected by period poverty and support local efforts for menstrual equity.



From May to November 2021, we donated over 11,500 pairs of period underwear to communities in need through our partnerships with PERIOD. and I Support the Girls

In May, we organized a drive to donate reusable period underwear to PERIOD., and from June to November, we teamed up with I Support the Girls to donate a pair of underwear for every Pride Unicorn underwear print we sold as part of a brand new initiative that provides comfort and relief to trans and non-binary people.