Heavy Flow? Introducing Our Fullest Coverage Period Underwear Yet

You asked, we answered. Kt is launching full gusset period underwear providing complete front-to-back coverage for teens. 

You asked, we answered. When Kt ran a survey in December 2021 asking our customers about which new styles they would like to see, the response was overwhelming. Nearly everyone wanted to see period undies with a longer and wider absorbent area for ultimate protection against leaks on heavy days and overnight.

After months of cooking up ideas and testing out products in the Kt lab, the results are finally here: introducing the full-gusset bikini.

woman wearing full gusset period underwear

The full-gusset undies are ‘built different,’ meaning they feature our widest absorbent area ever with full coverage in the front and back. They can absorb up to eight teaspoons (that’s eight regular pads or tampons worth) of blood, and are made from the same super soft cotton modal fabric that our other bikini underwear are made from. However the gusset — the part of the period underwear that absorbs blood — is extra long and wide to provide all bleeders with full front-to-back protection. 

If your teen is a shifty sleeper who has trouble with overnight leaks when using pads, then they should definitely give this style a try. Heavy bleeders already know that leaks typically come off the back of a pad (or period undies!) when lying down, and our wider gusset creates a larger area to trap blood. The extra front coverage is also great for tummy sleepers.

close-up of period underwear

They’re also comfortable to wear for all-day leak proof protection at school, sports practice, or sleepovers. So tell your child to take a deep breath, slip on a pair of the full-gusset bikini underwear and head out the door. They’re so convenient, it’s almost like they aren’t even having a period at all (almost).

Still not sure if the full-gusset bikini is the right period underwear for your teen? Here’s a cheat sheet that will help you decide which Kt underwear makes the most sense for your child's unique flow.

what period underwear is right for you flow chart

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