How Does Super Leakproof Period Underwear for Teens Work?

Ditch disposables for good with our extra absorbent Super Leakproof Period Underwear.

So, how does leakproof period underwear actually work? With a little technology and a whole lot of innovation, period undies aren’t as big of a mystery as you might think.

Let’s break down how they work, and why you’ll be ditching disposable menstrual products by your next cycle.

Then: The same old solutions

Since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the same old period products have cluttered bathrooms, bags, and lockers. With tampons entering the menstruation market in the 1940s, and adhesive pads sticking to the scene since the late 1960s, innovation in the period department has pretty much stopped. Besides the silicone menstrual cup gaining popularity in the 2000s, there are so few options considering half the world menstruates. 

Now: Innovative new options 

In 2017, Kt by Knix was born from one single, messy truth: that people leak...especially when they're new to their period (but let’s face it, leaks can happen no matter the level of experience)!

Since then, Kt by Knix has designed an entire range of underwear that absorb menstrual blood so that your teen is protected on the lightest days to the heaviest nights. 

Introducing Super Leakproof Period Underwear 

Kt’s Super Leakproof Period Underwear are the most absorbent period underwear for teens ever. Seriously. Ever. 

Capable of absorbing up to 40 mL of any kind of liquid (period blood, sweat, bladder leaks, you name it), your teen will be able to ditch disposable products like pads, tampons, and incontinence diapers for good.

Before you grab your measuring cup from the kitchen, 40 mL is about the absorbency of 8 regular tampons. With all that extra protection, we aren’t kidding when we say that your teen may be able to ditch disposables for good.

How does period underwear work? 

Though it might look like normal underwear, it's so much more than that. When wearing period underwear, any blood, sweat, or discharge will be absorbed by the gusset in the underwear. This gusset (or liner) is made up of multiple layers. We know you’re wondering, how the heck does one pair of Super Leakproof Period Underwear absorb up to 40 mL of liquid???

The Secret is in the Layers 

They must be bulky, you’re thinking. And while that might be the case for most period underwear brands that aren't us, all of Kt’s Leakproof Period Undies (including Super Leakproof) feel like regular underwear and are incredibly lightweight and breathable. 

The layers of technical materials work hard during your teen's menstrual cycle to prevent leaks —so they don’t have to.

The odor-crushing top layer wicks away moisture from the skin using natural seaweed fibre that leaves your teen feeling dry, so they don't ever have to worry about any weird period underwear smell. Meanwhile, the middle-layer absorbs the liquid (up to 8 tampons worth) and locks it in. Then the leak-resistant outer layer keeps any menstrual flow from spotting their clothes.

Isn't it basically like free bleeding?

Wearing period underwear doesn't necessarily mean you're free bleeding. Free bleeding is the act of menstruating without using any products to absorb the blood. Since period underwear soaks up any menstrual blood and prevents your teen from leaking through their clothes, you can rest assured that they'll be fully protected on their period.

But how do you clean them?

It's super easy! Simply throw the Leakproof Period Underwear in the washing machine with their other clothes (they won't get stained, trust us). Here are more tips for washing for period underwear to make them last.

Why should I switch to period underwear? 

Most people have spent years with the same period routine. Between the stocking up on tampons (read on to learn how to use a tampon) and making sure to always have extra pads lying around for emergencies, it’s time to reduce, reuse, and rethink the period cycle. And one way to start doing that? Use period underwear!

Ditch Disposables and Help the Planet! 🌎

Over the past few years we’ve all worked hard to eliminate single-use plastics. Between plastic straws, shopping bags, and water bottles, we’ve made changes to adopt reusable alternatives. And we can do the same when it comes to our periods too! 

Disposable period products have been filling up landfills since Kotex created the first menstrual pad in 1921. This is pretty jarring, considering most pads contain polyethylene plastic on the sticky part of the pad. Meanwhile, most tampons contain a whole bunch of harmful chemicals like chlorine, rayon, and dioxin. When these chemicals sit in landfills, they eventually get soaked up by the earth and cause water and air pollution. 

Further reading: What is moisture wicking underwear?

Switching to reusable pads or wearing period underwear during your teen's cycle is an easy way to cut out single-use menstrual plastics like tampon applicators, pads, wrappers and other packaging. We’re committed to being super transparent when it comes to our products, so check out any product page to see what materials Kt by Knix uses. 

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