How to Make a Back-to-School Period Emergency Kit

Never be caught empty-handed when your period starts ever again

We’ve all had the less-than-ideal experience of going to the bathroom only to realize — oops! — you’re all out of period supplies. You might decide to fashion an impromptu pad out of toilet paper or start asking around to see if anyone has extra pads or tampons to spare. However you choose to deal with the situation, it’s nothing to be ashamed of - but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want it to happen again.  Here’s how to build the ultimate period survival kit that will ensure you’ll never have to use a toilet paper pad again.

1. Find a container

Ask a family member if they have an extra coin purse  or makeup bag, or tupperware container  laying around that you can have. Or else head to the thrift store and rummage around their bag section to find a pouch that appeals to you. Make sure you have a pad or tampon with you to make sure it will fit inside the bag. In a pinch, a simple plastic bag from the kitchen will work, but we recommend something sturdy and reusable.

2. Add menstrual products of your choice.

Fill the container with 3-4 of your menstrual products of choice  pads, reusable pads, tampons, period underwear or a menstrual cup  enough to last a whole day.

3. Have a change of underwear

Nobody wants to sit in a sticky pool of blood, so it's a good idea to have a change of underwear on hand. It could be a regular pair of underwear or —even better — your favourite pair of Kt period underwear. Keep the fresh underwear in a plastic bag, which you can use to store the stained underwear after you've swapped them out.

4. Add pain reliever

Add a small bottle or sleeve of pain reliever -- Midol, ibuprofen, whatever you've got -- so you're equipped to fight off cramps, not just leaks.

5. Don't forget wipes

Periods can be messy, so it helps to have a small packet of water-based wet wipes on hand to clean up with. Baby wipes aren’t just for babies, they’re for everyone.

6. Pack a treat

If you're on your period and suddenly feel like you'd murder for a bite of chocolate, that's totally normal  fluctuating hormones can lead to intense cravings for sweet or salty foods. Add one of your favorite treats to the container and you'll thank yourself later. That's why it's called a survival kit, after all.

Now that you’ve gathered all the items you need, stash it in your backpack  or locker, or car  and you'll be prepared for any period mishaps that might happen and sports practice, sleepovers or school. With this ultimate period survival kit on hand, you'll never worry about an accidental #periodovershare story ever again.

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