Is Your First Period On Its Way? Take Our First Period Quiz to Predict Your First Menstrual Cycle Age.

Is your body ready to begin its first menstrual cycle? Learn more about when your first period might start with this fun quiz.

If you’ve already started puberty — or have reached an age where you’re ready to start —  you might be wondering when your first period will arrive. Having a period signifies the beginning of reproductive life, and many see it as an entryway into adulthood. Some people even hold first period parties to celebrate it!

While everybody is different and nobody really knows exactly when they will get their first period, there are a few ways to tell if you might be getting it soon. Scroll down to take the Kt by Knix first period quiz (it's chock full of great information you won't find in other online period quizzes!) to figure out whether or not your first period is officially on its way. 

Who is this first period quiz for?

The quiz is for girls and AFAB people who are at the early stages of puberty and have not yet started their menstrual cycle and are curious about what their first cycle will be like. The first period quiz is meant for fun, to predict the timing of when a person might get their first period. It may or may not be accurate.

Disclaimer: The blog writers at Kt are not medical professionals, and give this advice based on their own research and experience. If you have further questions or concerns, speak to a trusted doctor or medical professional.

First Period Quiz

What is your age?

A) 9 and under

B) 10-12

C) 13+


What's the average age for a first menstrual cycle?

The average age for a person to have their first menstrual cycle is 12.5. Most people tend to get their first period between the ages of 9 and 15.


Have your breasts started to develop?

A) Not yet

B) Sort of?

C) Yes


More about breast development

The beginning of breast development is a sign that a menstrual period is on its way. Typically the first period will occur two years after the first signs of breast development have arrived.


Do you experience vaginal discharge? 

A) No, what’s that?

B) Once in a while

C) Yes, it’s usually white or clear and sticky


What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is a combination of bacteria and cells that slough off from the outer vaginal layer and mix with mucus and fluid produced by the cervix, vaginal lining, and glands at the opening of the vagina. Typical vaginal discharge is white or clear. Most people start to notice discharge happening 6-12 months before getting a period.

Do you have any pubic hair or armpit hair?

A) Nope, not at all.

B) There are a few straggly hairs.

C) Yes, I’m definitely getting a thatch.


The lowdown on body hair

During puberty, you will begin to sprout thick, course hairs around your pubic area and your armpits. This usually happens after breast development has already begun, but in some cases it can be the first sign of puberty.


Have you recently had a growth spurt?

A) No

B) It’s starting to happen.

C) Yes, I resemble a weed.


What is a growth spurt?

A growth spurt is when you hit your stride and the hormones in your body decide it’s time to multiply in order to get you closer to your final adult height with super speed. If you’ve shot up a few inches in thigh recently, it’s a sure sign that your menstrual cycle should be on its way.


Do you have any pimples?

A) Thankfully, no.

B) Yes, a few spots here and there.

C) My acne is out of control.


Acne during puberty

Once puberty hits, you may notice a few changes to the biggest organ in your body: the skin. While you might not become a zit factory overnight, you may start to notice a layer of oil forming over top of your skin overnight. And even if you do become a zit factory, who cares? Like Justin Bieber says, pimples are cool

Do you experience mood swings?

A) Not usually?

B) I do find myself having ups and downs.

C) Yes, sometimes I can’t even tell what I’m feeling at a given time.


Puberty, hormones, and emotions

Puberty can wreak havoc on a person’s emotions and leave them feeling confused about what they’re feeling. If you’re experiencing more ups and downs than usual, it may be a sign that your body is beginning to flood with hormones and puberty is well underway. Strong emotions are a normal part of growing up but if they ever feel unmanageable, speak to a trusted or medical professional who can get you the help you need.


Mostly As

There’s a long way to go. You might be the right age but your body is working on its own schedule and hasn’t started to show signs that you’ve entered puberty just yet. Be patient. There’s a lot to be excited for. Once you start to experience breast development or hair growth, you will be further along on the journey towards getting your period. 


Mostly Bs

Too soon to tell. While you’ve certainly started to manifest several of the telltale signs of puberty, you may need to experience a few more before your menstruation journey begins. Try taking this first period test again in six months - some of your answers may change!

Mostly Cs

Any day now! The magical, mysterious process of puberty is already well underway in your body, which means it’s almost ready for the final frontier: menstruation. Make you’re prepared to get your first period by learning the basics like how to use a tampon or a pad. You may want to start wearing period underwear for teens to avoid leaks if your period comes at an awkward time. You can even prepare a first period kit so you're extra ready for what's to come. First period blood is often brown and murky so don’t necessarily expect a smear of bright red in your underwear.

We hope you enjoyed taking the Kt by Knix first period quiz. We know you probably still have lots of questions, which is why we made our free period guide to help you out. Download today to learn everything you need to know about periods and puberty!

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