Traditional Underwear vs. Period Underwear - How Period Panties Work

What is period underwear and how does it work? Scroll down to learn more about how it could improve your  day-to-day life.

There are a lot of options when it comes to managing your teen's menstrual cycle, from tampons and pads to menstrual cups and period underwear. If you've heard about Kt by Knix, you may have heard about period underwear before. You may also have some questions about how period underwear works, how they compare to regular underwear, and if wearing period underwear is the right choice for your child. Let's talk about all things period underwear, shall we?

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What is period underwear?

Period underwear is just like regular underwear, but with the miraculous ability to absorb menstrual blood! Yup, that's right. Period underwear can take the place of a tampon, pad or menstrual cup, or can be worn for extra protection along with a tampon or menstrual cup (this is great during heavy-flow days!)

Period underwear is worn the same way as regular underwear, just with added peace of mind! Moisture-wicking underwear is designed to keep moisture and odor away from the skin (keeping the wearer dry), trap liquid and protect against leaks.

Wait a minute, what is moisture-wicking underwear?

Great question! Moisture-wicking underwear is another way to describe period underwear (and of course, it can be worn for more reasons than just absorbing period blood!) Just like regular underwear, period underwear comes in all different styles, colors and patterns, along with different absorbency levels. They have special technology that "wicks" away moisture, in addition to absorbing period blood, but we'll explain more about that in a minute.

Does my teen have to wear them exclusively when I'm on their period?

Nope! The absorbent layers on Kt Period Underwear are quite thin, making them indistinguishable from a pair of regular underwear. They don’t just absorb blood either – our period underwear for teens soak up all moisture including sweat, discharge, and pee, making them a comfortable choice anytime.

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How does period underwear work?

Period Underwear is like a vacuum for period blood. How, you may ask? It’s all in the gusset!

(The whasset?)

The gusset is a technical term for the crotch area of underwear. In regular underwear, the gusset is typically two layers of fabric stitched together, but in period underwear it is constructed from a special moisture-wicking fabric. Kt Period Underwear has three layers in the gusset:

Layer 1: Uses moisture-wicking, antibacterial technology to wick away sweat and moisture while neutralizing odor. (So there's no period underwear smell).

Layer 2: A highly absorbent (yet comfortably thin) liner that holds the power of 3–20 tampons or pads.

Layer 3: A secure, liquid-resistant outer layer that works hard to prevent leaks.

How much blood can period panties hold?

Kt's period underwear has different absorbency levels, ranging from medium absorbency (about 3 pads or tampons worth of blood), high absorbency (about 4-8 pads or tampons worth of blood) and super absorbency (about 9–12 pads or tampons worth of blood).

The sustainability benefits of wearing period underwear

One of the many fantastic benefits of using period underwear is that it's an eco-friendly option. Period underwear is completely reusable, limiting waste. They can be washed the same way as other underwear when your teen is finished wearing them. 

Should I wash period underwear on a delicate cycle?

It's a good idea to wash your child's period underwear on a gentle or delicate cycle to keep the fabric in tip-top shape for as long as possible. To wash, give your underwear a quick rinse under cold water. Then, throw them in the washing machine along with your other clothes and wash them on cold with mild detergent. Don’t use softener or bleach. To dry, either lay flat for medium absorbency period underwear, or tumble dry on low for high to super absorbency period underwear.

Why Kt by Knix vs. other brands?

Period leaks are often a huge source of stress for those who menstruate (although free bleeding is some folks’ preferred or only choice). For many, the stakes can feel high when new to having a period. That’s why our older sibling Knix created Kt. The underwear is sized specifically for teen bodies and is seamless and odor-crushing, in addition to their full-time job of absorbing period blood.

More kits. Better savings. Save on curated sets for any cycle.

How much does period underwear cost?

At Kt, we believe that period underwear should be affordable and accessible to all, so we offer various prices points and kits and sets that offer saving potentially when you buy leakproof bikini underwear or super leakproof sleepover shorts. With our period kitsyou can save up to 20% per pair if you buy multiple pairs of period underwear! Sign up for newsletters to learn more about sales and specific deals. 

So, should my child wear period underwear?

There is only one person who can answer that question: your child! Always do what feels right for you and your child. Remember, what may work well for some folks when it comes to period products and their menstrual flow may not be the right choice for others, and that is more than okay. If you are interested in trying a pair of period underwear, we've got you covered.

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