The Kt Period Guide Answers All Your Menstruation Questions for Puberty and Beyond

Welcome to Period 101. Find out what's inside our illustrated period guide and download your free copy today.

Name one thing you’d shout from the rooftops. 

For us, it’s that all youth are deserving of accessible menstruation education. 

Introducing Kt's Free, Downloadable Period Guide

Unfortunately, period tips for beginners tend to be highly classified information. Young menstruators are often left in the dark when it comes to learning about sexual maturity and the transitions of adolescence. That is why we at Kt created our free, downloadable, illustrated period guide as the go-to handbook for all things Period-101. (If you're based in Canada, please click here to download the guide.)

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What's Inside the Period Guide?

The 60-page period guide is inspired by Kt’s intimate experiences with young menstruators and informed by our in-house gynecologist, Dr Chimmy. It answers all of the questions we know youth need answers to but are often too afraid to ask, like what even is a period? How do periods work? What does a first period look like? How do I choose the right period products? It tackles crucial topics like PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and the tanner stages of breast development in a digestible but medically accurate way.

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Breasts Illustration by Sarah Rebar

Why We Made the Period Guide

Our goal with this period guide is to shed the stigma around puberty and periods. It was designed for everyone and anyone who needs it. We learned so much about our own bodies while creating it and know that it will make a lasting impact on our community in a powerful way. If you want to support a young menstruator in your life, send them the download link. It’s that easy. 

Thanks for your support. 

Love, Kt.  

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To download in Canada, please click here.

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