Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Teens

Self-care is something you can start at any age, so why not start when you're young? We have compiled a list of our top 10 favourite self-care practises for teens (or anyone) to follow this summer!

Have you heard the term “self-care” being brought up a lot more these days? Everything is targeted to adults, but what about teens?! Growing up is tough, especially now with so much uncertainty in the world. And teens are constantly under so much pressure with school and life, as it is! That is why self-care is so important. You’re never too young (or old) to start taking care of yourself.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is all about paying attention to YOU. It is anything that you enjoy and that helps you stay happy physically, mentally or emotionally. It can be as small as having a bubble bath or going for a walk. Or as big as taking a vacation or picking up a new hobby. As long as it makes YOU happy, do it.

Mental, physical and emotional health is SO important and you have to take care of yourself. So, to help you stay on top, we have compiled our top 10 self-care tips for teens (or adults):

Put down your phone

We know this can be hard (it's hard for us too!), but spending a Sunday afternoon without your phone is one of the best things you can do. It’s important to disconnect and spend time by yourself, with friends or with family. Interpersonal relationships are so necessary for a healthy life, but being on your phone limits that.

Leave your phone in another room, or put it in a drawer. It might be hard for the first little while, but TikTok will always be there when you get back! 



Meditating is so important for your mental health. You only need to do it 10-15 minutes a day and the list of benefits can change your life. It reduces stress, controls anxiety and makes you become more mindful and self aware. It’s great to do when you first wake up, so you begin your day in a positive headspace, or right before bed to recompress from your day. Even a few deep breaths with your eyes closed in the middle of your day can help relieve stress.

There are many apps that have ‘Meditating for Beginners’ if you’re new to the game. These apps also have guided meditations for different topics, like stress and anxiety, falling asleep and waking up, productivity, etc. They even have guided meditations for kids and students. My favourites are Calm and HeadspaceThere are also a ton of free Youtube tutorials available! 


DIY Spa Day at home

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy a spa day. You can actually make everything in the comforts of your own home. There are so many things you can do like:

  • Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure
  • Bubble bath and listen to your favourite music - you can even make your own bath bomb! I have made these coconut oil bath bombs and they are amazing - and fun! Hot showers are also great alternatives if you don't have a bath. You can pretend your bathroom is a steam room 😂
  • Face mask time - depending on your skin type, you can mix a few items in your kitchen and voila - you have a face mask! Here are some examples of DIY masks!
  • Burn your favourite candle
  • Drink warm lemon water - makes it feel like you’re actually in a spa AND it’s good for you!


Positive affirmations

We know it can feel a little silly doing this, but if you look at yourself in the mirror and repeat affirmations, you will notice positive changes in your life. Try things like, “I am strong. I love myself. I am worthy. I believe in myself.” You can say ANYTHING, as long as it’s positive.

We are so hard on ourselves internally. Would you ever tell your bestie the things you tell yourself? Probably not. So, be your best friend! Treat yourself like the queen you are and allow positivity into your life.

Unfollow on social media

Raise your hand if you compare yourself to other people on social media *raises hand very high*. It happens to the best of us. You most likely follow the latest Instagram model or the latest fitness model. Or you might still follow people you're not friends with anymore, or classmates that don't make you feel great about yourself. Do these accounts make you feel lesser or more anxious? It’s probably best you unfollow them.

It’s good to know your boundaries and recognize these feelings. If anything makes you feel bad, stop doing it. What you can do instead is follow accounts who make you feel happy and empowered.

If you’re interested in mental health, why don’t you check out our blog: 5 Mental Health Instagram Accounts to Follow.


Enjoy me time

There are so many positive things you can do by yourself. Working out, reading a book, bath time, even just watching TV. Everyone needs a little me time. Focus on things that make you happy and healthy.

Focus on me time and it’s okay to say no to your friends. After all, JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) is the new FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).



Sleeping is a key ingredient to a healthy life. Try to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. And if you need it, take a nap! Nothing is better than a Sunday afternoon watching TV and allowing yourself to rest for a few hours.

If you’re worried about your period stopping you getting a good night’s sleep, check out our full guide on sleep and your period(and feel free to check out our range of period underwear designed for teens while you're here too)


Watch your favourite TV show/movie

It’s so important to give yourself time - without any guilt - to enjoy your favourite TV show or movie. After you’re finished all your homework, put your phone down and indulge in an hour of TV. Don’t think too much, just watch and have fun!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, try our list of best chick flick sleepover movies for teens.


Be creative

Do you have a hobby you want to pick up? Or something you used to love doing that kind of fell off the tracks? Try to pick it up again. With social distancing still being recommend, you probably have a lot more time on your hands now to dive into some projects! A lot of hobbies and creative projects can be done in the comfort of your own home and in front of the TV.  

There are a TON of free tutorials online that can help you with your creative itch, try searching on YouTube.


Gratitude Journal

It’s so easy to get stressed and worried about all the things you don’t have, but have you ever thought about what you DO have? Gratitude journaling shifts your mindset from being negative to instantly positive, because you are able to see what you have in your life.

Start out slow. Just grab a notebook and a pen and write down 3 things you are grateful for. Or you can create a list - do whatever format you are comfortable with. Try to do this everyday and you can always expand on it, like adding your dreams and goals (short term and long term).

There are also many special journals you can buy that create these lists for you. They are all different, but all have their benefits.

Remember, this is something for YOU. No one will be reading it. So, do it for yourself and your mental health will thank you!


There has never been a better time to start taking care of yourself and practising self-care. You can even create a self-care checklist that you can do daily, weekly or monthly. As long as you are being kind to yourself and focusing on your mental, physical and emotional health.

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