Why Period Swimwear for Teens Is so Revolutionary

For summers filled with water balloon fights, splash-worthy cannonballs, and period leak protection, there’s Period Swimwear. So, you’ll never hear your teen say “sorry, I can’t, I’m on my period.”

Your teenage years might feel like a lifetime ago—and, yet, we’re willing to bet you can vividly recall the dread that accompanied swimming while on your period.

Before the advent of Period Swimwear for teens were the days of trying to figure out whether you could wear a pad in the swimming pool or whether period leaks would turn the pool crimson red. 

Teens often have to navigate fears of leaks or hygiene that are wrapped up in cultural stigma. As talking openly about menstruation becomes less taboo, so does the notion of girls and women visibly menstruating. 

And while a period leak is nothing to blink at, we’re also glad to know that the arrival of Period Swimwear for teens means that kids can focus on swim-meets instead of leaks. Ahead, we answer some of the biggest questions we routinely field about Period Swimwear.

What Makes Period Swimwear for Teens so Revolutionary?

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Period Swimsuits are a total game-changer if you have teens who love spending time in the water, whether that’s summer at the lakes or swimming lessons. Navigating those early days of menstruation can be particularly fraught for young teens who may be unsure about swimming on their period.

While it doesn’t help that there are tons of unhelpful myths surrounding swimming during your menstrual phase, the last thing we want is for girls to feel discouraged from canon-balling right in. That’s where Period Swimwear for teens really shines, making period leaks an afterthought.

How Does Period Swimwear Work?

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You might be wondering: how exactly does a period swimsuit work?

If this is the first you’ve heard of Period Swimwear, know that it’s a relatively new innovation spurred by girls and women looking for period products that are tailored towards certain activities for optimal comfort. 

Period Swimwear has a multi-layered gusset built into its period swim bottoms and one-pieces that traps and absorbs period blood. It’s similar to the absorbent technology used in Leakproof Underwear (also known as period underwear), but with one special addition: a waterproof outer layer of material for extra protection.

And, just like period underwear, the absorbent gusset is discreet and comfy, which means your teen doesn’t even need to be on their period to wear them. Period Swim is designed to feel just like regular swimwear—it’s just equipped with helpful gear that locks blood in, keeps water out, and never swells.

On top of its period-proof liner and backup protection prowess, period swimwear also boasts 50+ UPF protection for fade-free wear. 

Does Period-Proof Swimwear Look Any Different Than Regular Swimwear?

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When you have your period, sometimes it can feel like it’s written on your forehead. In reality, it’s probably obvious only to you. For teens, these feelings of self-consciousness are often only heightened. 

So, for anyone wondering whether period-proof swimwear can be deciphered from regular swimwear, the short answer is: no. In addition to not looking any different than regular swimsuits, period swimwear also doesn’t feel any different—and it certainly doesn’t involve sacrificing style. 

Sure, function is important—but so is looking cute (and feeling confident) at the pool party. Period Swimwear for teens is anything but bland, with designs ranging from sporty one-pieces to bold bikinis

From patterns to pops of color, and a range of different coverage options, including shorts with bum coverage, high-waisted bottoms, and tops with adjustable straps, there’s something for every teen. And, the best part is: you don’t even have to be on your period to wear a period-proof swimsuit. Just like regular swimsuits, they can be worn all summer long. 

Periods don't have to get in the way of your teen expressing their individual style or feeling good in their skin. It’s just another reason to try Period Swimwear.

How Do I Wash Period Swimwear?

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Again, you might be surprised to know that period-proof swimwear isn’t all that different from regular swimwear in this category. When it comes to caring for and maintaining Period Swimwear, you’ll ensure your teens get optimal use of their swimsuit when you machine wash on cold, and lay the garments flat to dry.

But won’t this stain the other clothing in my load of laundry? Nope! You can toss the swimwear into the washing machine with similarly colored garments without worry. Though, if you prefer, you can always gently rinse the swimsuit liner in the sink or bathtub before washing. 

Just be sure to use gentle detergent, and to avoid bleaching, ironing, or dry cleaning your teen’s swimsuits. 

Curious about period-proof swimsuits? Shop the full collection of swimwear for teens.

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