Period Talk & Advice For Teens

You have the questions.
We’re leaking the answers.


WTF is a period anyway?

Your period (AKA menstrual cycle) happens when the blood and tissue that line your uterus shed. This process takes about 3-5 days every month.

Why is this happening to me?

Your body is making it possible to have a baby. Every month, your ovaries release an egg in your uterus. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized (translation: if you don’t make a baby), the egg and lining of your uterus shed. That’s your period!

Why does it feel like ninjas are attacking my stomach?

Ah, the joy of cramps. During your period, your uterus squeezes and tightens up so it can shed its lining. This can cause pain in your lower stomach. Try drinking lots of water and using a heating pad.

(Psst! We turned our packaging into a heating pad!)

How do I break the news to my parent(s)?

You can tell them in person, text, write a letter – whatever is the most comfortable for you. Just make sure your mom or dad knows, so they can help you deal.

Why is my period kind of brown?

Sometimes, your uterus sheds older blood, which is a darker shade of red that looks a bit brown. It’s totally normal, especially at the beginning or end of your period.

Why is everyone so annoying during my period?

Your hormones change a lot during puberty and during your monthly cycle. All the different hormones you’re experiencing actually have an effect on your brain and the way you feel. That’s why some days you may feel great, and others you want to put an eternal curse on your brother.

Why am I having a mini period in between my regular period?

This is known as ‘spotting’. Sometimes during your monthly cycle, your hormones can change unexpectedly, causing a bit of bleeding. This is normal, but you should always tell your parent and doctor, just in case.

How much blood is going to come out?

On average, you lose ¼ cup of blood, but it’s different for everyone. Over time, you’ll get used to your flow, but the best thing is to be prepared! Keep extra tampons, pads, or liners in your bag, and wear your KT by Knix period underwear as back-up protection.

Do I wear KT by Knix instead of pads and tampons?

KT by Knix period underwear are designed to have your back in case you leak through your pad or tampon. It’s also good to wear them when you know you’re close to your period, in case you start a few days early, or last a few days longer than expected.

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