Freestyle Leakproof Tights

You know how dancing and being all sporty when you’re on your period can be tricky? These tights make it so much easier because you don’t have to worry about leaks. Freestyle Leakproof Tights are designed with a seamless silhouette and a ribbed waistband that won’t budge so you can focus on what matters most. Available in a spectrum of nudes that look great with a range of skin tones.

The Freestyle Collection is designed with our patented Leakproof Technology and features a barely-there liner that absorbs up to 3 tsp of blood (that’s about the same as 3 tampons). This cute, comfy line also never gets stinky or soggy. It’s made with moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, odor-crushing technology to tackle any funky smells. Free from harmful PFAS and other chemical treatments.

Every period is different, but we recommend wearing your Freestyle Leakproof Tights as backup protection with a tampon or menstrual cup during your cycle's medium to heavy days. Or, wear alone when you have a light flow.

Frequently Asked Questions