How to Clean Your Period Underwear

We promise it's much easier than you think.

Out of all the great mysteries of the universe we might never understand — how the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built, why people disappear in the Bermuda Triangle and whether or not aliens exist — there is one mystery that we’re absolutely qualified to clear up: how to clean your period underwear. (If you’re in a rush, scroll down for our TL;DR tips)

Though everyone wears their period underwear differently, it all ends up in the same place at the end of the day — inside the laundry basket, holding onto your period blood for dear life (that’s what it’s designed to do!). But if the thought of allowing up to 8 tampons worth of blood to mingle with your beloved clothes makes you nervous, we’re here to reassure you, there’s no need to worry! 

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In the wash, laundry detergent (we suggest a mild one) helps to separate the blood absorbed in your period underwear from the fabric. After the initial wash, the dirty water drains out of the machine and refills with clean water for a rinse cycle. It’s the same science that makes sure all your dirty clothing comes out clean after a wash – a little period blood or sweat isn’t going to make a difference. (Kt by Knix undies are quite moisture wicking, which is great if you need a pair of "sweating underwear" aka underwear to absorb your sweat.) 

If you’re still concerned about potential blood stains, we recommend rinsing out the gusset of the underwear before popping it in the laundry machine – but it isn’t necessary. We do, however, have a few tips when it comes to washing which will help preserve your Kt by Knix for as long as possible.

1. Wash your period underwear in cold water.

Heat can damage the elasticity of the fabric so if you want to maintain the perfect fit of your Kts, be sure to select the cold wash cycle on the machine.

2. Put your underwear in a mesh laundry bag.

The mesh bag helps protect delicate items from getting damaged in the wash, and also makes it much easier to find your underwear when transferring the rest of your laundry to the dryer.

3. Do not put period underwear in the dryer.

Unless it's our Super Leakproof or Cotton Modal Super Leakproof underwear, which are safe to tumble-dry on low. Otherwise, the heat and agitation of a typical dryer will break down the precious absorbent fibers in the fabric that make the underwear so great. Plus, the dryer heat might also alter the fit of the underwear. Instead, allow them to air-dry naturally on a clothing rack (or hook, or back of a chair). 

That’s all you need to know. Interested in trying period underwear for teens? Our kits and sets are the perfect place to start.

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