Can I Play Sports While I’m on My Period? How to Bleed Confidence on Game Day.

Short answer: Yes, you can exercise during your period (and stay leak-free)!

Exercising, working out, and playing sports are all fair game when you’re on your period. It even comes with a few points in your favor. Whether the big game is coming up, tryouts are right around the corner, or you just really want to kick butt at that kick-boxing class, your period isn’t your opponent. Maaaybe they aren’t your number one fan, but they are on your side. Trust us. 

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Can I play sports while I’m on my period?

Heck yes, you can! You may feel like all you wanna do is curl up in bed with a Costco-sized bag of M&M’s (which is also a-okay. Periods don’t exactly make us want to scream “I WANT TO RUN!”), but if you feel like conquering the field or court, lace up those runners! Scientifically speaking, there’s no reason why you need to skip out on playing sports or working out just because your most personal fan showed up to the game.


Menstruation Myth: It’s bad to play sports or exercise while you’re on your period.

On the contrary, our dear friend, exercising while on your period can actually be beneficial! 

I have a heavy flow, won’t exercising make me pass out?”
“Do my cramps make exercising dangerous?” 
“Can I still do all the same activities on my period?” 

 All solid questions, let’s break them down: 

The golden rule with all physical activity, period or not, is to listen to your body. If you are feeling fatigued, stop. If you are pushing too hard, lessen the intensity, take a break, or try again tomorrow. Your best isn’t going to look the same every day, and that’s okay! What’s important is to respect your body’s boundaries and limitations with every workout, game, or practice. While your period itself shouldn’t stop you from going for the gold, be conscious of what your body is telling you and when you need to slow down. With that being said, being active on your period actually comes with some perks: 


The Benefits of Exercising While on Your Period

1. Exercise helps with physical period symptoms 

Cramps, bloating, and body aches suck. BUT exercising can help (for real). Lab coats on, folks. Let’s talk science. Exercising reduces inflammation while increasing blood flow and the endorphins in your body. 


Endorphins are brain chemicals that interact with the receptors in your brain to reduce the feeling of pain. Think of it like your body’s natural Tylenol. Exercise signals your brain to release those natural painkillers, reducing period-related aches, pains, and cramps. 

2. Exercise helps with emotional period symptoms 

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the culprit behind the mood swings you feel during your period. Remember those good ol’ endorphins? Not only do they tackle pain, but they help #LevelUp your mood, too! Endorphins are responsible for promoting the feeling of pleasure in addition to alleviating pain. When you exercise and release all those happy brain chemicals, it helps reduce stress and anxiety while also working to improve your mood. :)

What are tips for exercising while on my period?

We’re glad you asked. The first step to getting back on the field/ ice rink/ track/ stage/ yoga mat while on your period is being PREPARED. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

Fuel up

While many of us reach for chocolate or chips when we’re on our period, it’s best to avoid eating/drinking anything with lots of sugar, caffeine, or salt. 

*Crowd boos*

We know, we know. But we’re here to dish the truth, no “sugarcoating” the facts (puns 4ever). Instead, fuel your body with some of the best foods to eat while on your period, like salmon, lentils, and berries. 

Stay hydrated!

Water is life (mostly because we literally need it to live). When you’re menstruating, staying hydrated is especially important.  Dehydration lowers your blood pressure which can make you feel tired or lethargic. Not ideal for when you’re trying to crush it on the court. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay more alert and on point (so you can score more points hehe.) Staying hydrated also helps reduce bloating and cramps – a score before you even tie up your laces.

    Get the right gear

    Baseball mitt? Check. Soccer cleats? Check. Water bottle? Check. Game face? CHECK. Period protection? Working on it! 

    Don’t “sweat” it! (Okay, we’re done with the puns…maybe…probably not).  

    When it comes to finding the right period protection for exercising, our rule of thumb is simple: wear what makes you feel comfortable. The options are in your hands! There are menstrual cups, tampons, disposable pads, Reusable Pads, Period Underwear, Period Proof Activewear, and even Period Swimwear to help you feel confident while swimming on your period. There are also Period Sets so you can be prepared for the different stages of your cycle! 

    Have a backup

    Sometimes periods aspire to be like our queen, Miley Cyrus, (don’t we all), and simply can’t be tamed. You may think you have your cycle all figured out and then BAM, a leak comes out of left field. This is where backup protection comes in. The right options will depend on the heaviness of your flow and, of course, your comfort.

    If you have a heavier flow on the day of a big swim meet, we recommend wearing tampons or a menstrual cup with Period Swimwear as a backup. If you’re hitting the court or field, super-absorbent Period Underwear, like the Cotton Super Leakproof Boxer Brief, can hold up to 10 tampons or pads worth of blood, so you can feel confident wearing them all on their own. If you prefer wearing a tampon or menstrual cup but want to feel extra safe, pair it with your favourite style of leakproof undies or activewear (leakproof activewear is especially helpful for dancers and gymnasts who need to be seam-free).  

    Win that trophy, try a new class, or enjoy your yoga sesh! However you prefer to move, your period (and potential leaks) won’t be stopping you any time soon.

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    Working out during your period is healthy and can help with your physical and emotional period symptoms. Be prepared by eating well, drinking lots and choosing period protection that makes you feel comfiest. Pair with leakproof undies so you can focus on the game, not your period.

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