Sports On Your Period — Exercise & Workout Underwear Hacks

We dispel all the myths around playing sports on your period, talk about the benefits it can have and how to still be number one during your time of the month!

Your big game is coming up. Or maybe try-outs are right around the corner. Or you could just have a kick-boxing class coming up that’s ready to kick your butt. You’re all set to snag the trophy then *BAM* Aunt Flo shows up. Read on to find out if you can play sports on your period, the best forms of period protection during a workout, and how to tackle Aunt Flo with your new secret weapon.

First things first, can I play sports on my period?

Heck yes you can! You may feel like allll you wanna do is curl up in bed with a Costco-sized bag of M&M’s, but get those cleats out girland get your butt on the field! There’s no crying in baseball/swimming/soccer/gymnastics/ballet, even during your time of the month.


But, isn’t it bad to play sports on my period?

You may be wondering, “But Knixteen, I have a heavy flow....won’t I pass out?” or, “But Knixteen, my cramps are bad...won’t working out be dangerous?” or, “BUT KNIXTEEN!!! Can’t I just stay in bed?”. The answer to all these questions is simply, no!

Here’s the thing: being active on your period is actually really good for you. Of course, with all physical activity, be sure to listen to your body and understand what your limits are. Listen to your body! But working out on your period is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Don’t believe me? Let’s break down the benefits.


The Pros of a Period Work Out

  1. Working out will help with your physical period symptoms

Cramps? Bloating? Body aches? Exercising has got you covered. When you work out, your blood flow and endorphins increase in your body. Endorphins are a chemical that interacts with the receptors in your brain that reduce the feeling of pain. Translation? Exercising boosts your endorphins which makes your body feel GOOD! Think of it like nature's pain medicine.

  1. Working out will help with your emotional period symptoms

Moodiness? Misery? Sudden bursts of rage? Guess what, exercising still has you covered! Remember those good ol’ endorphins? Not only do they tackle pain, but they’ll #LevelUp your mood too!

  1. It’ll make you feel cool… literally

When you’re riding the crimson wave, you can actually handle a lot more heat. Your body temperature will be quite a bit lower than it normally is, so you won’t feel as hot while you’re werking out.

  1. You’ll feel the power

Sometimes you feel like MUSH during your time of the month. And we get that. We’ve been there! But did you know we aaaaaactually kick more butt on our periods? Seriously. Studies have shown that during the first two weeks of your cycle, things like flexibility, jump height, and strength were all improved. Now get off the bench and get to it!


Okay, you convinced me. So how do I tackle sports while on my period?

We’re glad you asked. The first step to getting back on the field/ ice rink/ track/ stage/ yoga mat while on your period is being PREPARED. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Make sure you’re fuelled

Before the big game, avoid eating lots of sugar, caffeine or anything super salty. Instead, fuel your body with iron-packed foods like salmon. You can read more about the best period foods to snack on here! And as always, drink a ton of water. It’ll help you last on the court longer, while keeping you more alert and on point (so you can score more points hehe).

Get the right gear

Baseball mitt? Check. Soccer cleats? Check. Mouth guard? Check. Game face? CHECK.

Period protection? Errrr, let’s work on it!

If you don’t know what form of period protection to wear while exercising, the rule of thumb is simple: wear what you feel comfortable wearing. Between the cup, tampons and pads, you have a ton of options! If you have a big swim meet, tampons are usually the go-to (you can read more about swimming on your period here). If you’re comfortable wearing a pad underneath your baggy soccer shorts, that sounds good to us too!

Your boobs can also feel a bit funky during your time of the month, so make sure they’re comfy too. Don’t forget about them! A sports bra that’s super supportive, breathable and stretchy is an absolute must.

Have a back up

So you’ve picked your fav form of period protection. Great! Now, the next step is making sure you’re extra prepared with a pair of ‘Oh-No’ Period Proof Underwear.

Here’s how period undies will help you snag the trophy

  1. They hold up to 2 tampons.  These undies are more absorbent than typical underwear, which means they’re the first line of defence against leaks. This means you can run, jump, dance and downward dog as much as you like without worrying about your pad or tampon letting you down.
  2. They’re totally seamless. If you have a tight leotard or if you just don’t want your undies on display for the entire stadium, these got you covered.
  3. They don’t stink. Literally! The gusset has fancy no-odor tech, which will keep you feeling and smelling fresh.




Working out on your period is healthy and will make you feel a lot better. Be prepared by eating well, drinking lots and choosing to wear period protection that makes you feel comfiest. To top it off, pair with some leak proof undies, so you can focus on your game and come out #1.


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