6 Reasons Why Teen Girls Have So Much Anxiety


Going through puberty in 2018 is very different than it was 20, or even 10 years ago.

With the rise of the internet and social media, there are new stresses and anxieties that most parents never had to experience for themselves.

However, when looking at the list of the top causes of anxiety for teens, one has remained consistent for decades:

  1. School grades
  2. Getting into a good college
  3. Parents financial situation
  4. Social media
  5. Cyber bullying
  6. Period leaks

It may come as a shock that period leaks is causing as much stress for teens as some of these less preventable concerns.

No girl wants to be the first one out of her friends to get her period, or the last.

And no one (we mean no one) wants to have a period leak!

Periods are a natural part of growing up and shouldn’t be something teens fear. Luckily, period leaks can now be avoided thanks to a new invention called Period Underwear.

What Causes Period Leaks?

While period leaks are common for women of all ages who are menstruating, tweens and teenagers are often more likely to experience it due to these causes:

Your first period: You aren’t expecting to get your period that day, so you leak through your underwear - perhaps the most embarrassing kind of leak, it can happen in class, a sleepover, anywhere.

Irregular periods: When you’re a teen and just getting your period for the first time, it can be super irregular. Sometimes spotting for weeks or getting your period only every other month.

Heavy flow: Also common as a teenager, if your period is very heavy you can experience sudden moments (like coughing, or standing up) where you have a “gush” of period blood, causing you to leak through your pad or tampon.

Sleep: When you can’t get up to change your pad or tampon for a long time, it is common to leak while you sleep, which results in stained sheets.

How Period Underwear Works:

Let’s talk about how period underwear work.

It’s basically like regular underwear, except it stops period leaks going through your underwear and onto your pants or seat.

It does this with special leak-proof technology in the gusset area of the underwear (that spot between your legs).

The gusset is absorbent and holds 2-3 tsps. of liquid which is the same as 2 tampons worth of period blood. The best part: You won’t feel like you’re sitting in a puddle because the material is also moisture wicking and quick drying.

The underwear works like magic - it’s paper thin, feels exactly like regular underwear but stops leaks.

You can wear them on their own or with a pad/tampon and just rely on it as backup protection against leaks.

Period Smells

Have you ever noticed Aunt Flo smells kind of funky?

Well you’re not alone and this is also a cause of anxiety for many teens and tweens. Most menstruators report smells coming from their period.

What many women don’t know is that unpleasant smells can be caused by disposable products like tampons or pads that are scented.

The good thing about Period Underwear for Teens is that it uses no chemicals or perfumes to try and “mask” a smell - instead it has anti-microbial fabric technology that kills bacteria and odour, so you won’t smell a thing.

How Much Your Period Cost

Not only is your period a nuisance physically and emotionally (PMS and cramps) but it actually runs a hefty bill.

The average menstruating person will spend over $15,000 in their lifetime on tampons, pads and other disposable menstrual products.

This monthly cost hurts your wallet and the environment - think about all the landfill waste created by pantyliners, wads of toilet paper and pads used to stop leaks.

Period Underwear can be washed after every wear making them a good choice for the environment and your wallet.

Top Questions About Period Underwear

How much do period underwear hold?
2 regular sized tampons worth of flow (2-3 tsps of liquid)

Where do you buy them?

How do you wash them?
In the laundry with the rest of your dirty clothes (no need to rinse them beforehand) and then hang them to dry.

Can you wear them on their own?
It depends on how heavy your flow is! We recommend testing them as back up before moving to full-protection, although many teens wear them on their own on light days or in the day leading up to their period.

What size should I get?
They are made for teens so make sure to consult our size chart before purchasing - they are made to fit tweens and teens.

Do you have any discounts?
Yes! Right now you can save 10% off if you buy 2 pairs and 15% off if you buy 5 pairs or more - plus you won’t have to pay for shipping!

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