Ask Aunt Flo: What's With Period Acne?

Aunt Flo boldly claims responsibility for Olivia Rodrigo's fame and gives you all the skincare tips to help you with your period acne.

NEW YEAR, saaaaaame old me. I’m still glam, I’m still fierce, and I’m still here to answer any and all of your most BURNING period questions! 2021 let’s do this. 

I was so excited to see you had left me some Q’s to answer after I got off FaceTime with the newest reigning Queen of Pop Miss HSM the Musical herself, Olivia Rodrigo. You see, Olivia called to ask me if it was the right time to drop Drivers License and I said “Olivia, LOOK at me directly into my eyes. The world is READY for you to tell your story queen!!!!”. You might only know me as Aunt Flo, but to pop stars around the world— I am their most trusted consultant (all I’m saying is, you can thank me for Evermore). 

And before you ask, (because the KT inbox is flooded with people dying to know), no I am NOT The Blonde Girl™. And whether the song is about Sabrina Carpenter or not… well that’s between me, Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and the best team of lawyers money can buy. I’m actually legally not allowed to disclose, which means this is the perfect time to change the subject and get to something equally as exciting— your amazing period questions. Let’s go! 

How do I help my cramps? 

Cramps *shudders*. If the bleeding and mood swings weren’t enough, there are those pesky, annoying and painful cramps. Some months are worse than others, but you can count on them usually being there. So how do you escape the inescapable? 

In no particular order, here are some ways to relieve those horrible, no good, very bad cramps. 

💤😴 (sleep!)

🏊‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ (moving your body!)

🚿🛁 ( taking a bath!)

💊🤒 (Advil or Motrin! But talk to a parent to make sure!)

♨️🔥 (hot compress!)

While cramps are a super normal and unfortch part of the whole period package, really really REALLY bad cramps are something to watch out for. If pain meds regularly don’t help month after month, your cramps are seriously getting in the way of your day (i’m talking can’t get out of bed vibes), or they last longer than 2-3 days, you might want to check in with a medical professional. They’ll be able to check you out and help you find ways to be comfortable and absolutely UNSTOPPABLE on your period! 

Why do I break out when I’m on my period? 

Dolls, it always goes back to hormones! Those whacky hormonal changes can cause everything from moodiness, sore boobs, weird poop, and the oft dreaded period acne.  

But “WHY OH WHY must it happen?????”, I say as my chin is currently covered in pimple patches. Long story short, estrogen and progesterone levels drop right before your period starts. This triggers your super slimy sebaceous glands, and they secrete more sebum— which is why your face can feel oily AF. Too much of this sebum can clog your dang pores and cause breakouts. 

bill nye GIF

Here’s what I’ll say about period acne (and acne in general). Everyone gets it, and famously even Kendall Jenner isn’t even immune! There’s nothing to be embarrassed of, and just know that people since the beginning of time have had to deal with breaking out. Even CAVE PEOPLE were probably like “Oh FML I feel something on my chin, if only I had a mirror”. Pimples or not, it's important to remember that you truly are PERFECT!

flawless ilana glazer GIF by Broad City

So, I’ve consulted my skincare guru for some helpful tips and tricks, but only so YOU can feel more comfortable and confident. Here’s what she said: 

Hi Aunt Flo, 

First of all, congrats on Drivers License! Secondly, I have you covered when it comes to managing breakouts. Drink lots of water, make sure to spot treat, and don't strip your skin! Just because you have acne doesn't mean your skin needs less moisture, so make sure to keep moisturizing. And if you do pop your pimples (it's okay we all do it), you can apply something topical to help with scaring, like Polysporin. Hope that helps! 

Thank you anonymous skincare queen! Have more questions? You can DM me over at @ktbyknix. Until next time! 



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