Period Underwear for Everyday of Your Cycle

Kt has you covered with a variety of absorbencies, styles, and period kits.

There are many words to describe your period. Annoying might be one of them. Painful could also come to mind. And if you’re doing some quick math, expensive may also top the list as well!!

But Kt views periods a little differently. We think of menstruation as something that can be comfortable. And ultimately we think of it as something that has no place in ruining our day. 

Having a better relationship with your period is easy to do with Super Leakproof Period Underwear. They’re a sustainable, reusable, and safe alternative to tampons and pads.  Not only do they feel and look like regular undies, but there’s a wide absorbency range that has your butt covered no matter which way you flow. Yes, even on that scary Day 2. 

Read on to learn about which of Kt’s period underwear for teens we recommend for every day of your cycle. 


Absorbing up to 3 tsp of liquid or 2 tampons, Kt’s Leakproof Underwear are medium absorbency undies that are available in a variety of styles, depending on what makes you feel the most comfortable. These are perfect to wear solo on medium flow days, or for your entire cycle if your flow is typically on the lighter side. They can also be worn as a backup for extra confidence when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup.

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You’ve prepped the hot water bottle and snacks— all you need now is Super Leakproof Underwear. The most absorbent pair of Leakproof Undies on the market, they’re capable of absorbing up to 40 ml of any liquid (period blood, sweat, bladder leaks, you name it). That’s the equivalent of 8 regular tampons. No need to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup with these— they can be worn on their own, just like regular underwear. Check out how they work hereA sustainable replacement of disposable period products, Super Leakproof Underwear is ready for even the mightiest crimson wave. 

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We all know that even when we’re off to dreamland, our period can still be wide awake. The Sleepover Short is a super-comfy sleep short that absorbs up to 4 tsps or 4 tampons worth of liquid. They have an extra long absorbent area that stops leaks no matter which way you toss and turn. Gone are the days of waking up with stained sheets, thanks to the Sleepover Short! 

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Looking to go your next cycle without using any tampons or pads? KT has you covered with Leakproof Underwear Kits designed with your unique cycle in mind. Regardless if your period is heavy, or all over the place, it’s time to ditch disposables and switch to Period Undies for good. 

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