Period Underwear for Everyday of Your Cycle

Wearing underwear has never been more comfortable. Kt has you covered with a variety of absorbencies, styles and period kits for finding the right everyday underwear for your period.

There are many words to describe your period. Annoying might be one of them. Painful also could come to mind. And if you’re doing some quick math, expensive may also top the list as well. Long story short, menstrual cycles are typically less than exciting.

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Kt views periods a little differently. We think of menstruation as something that can be comfortable and stress-free. Ultimately we think of it as something that has no place in ruining our day.

Having a better relationship with your period is easy to do with the right brand of period underwear.

Say goodbye to granny panties—featuring panty lines galore with material that gets holey after the first wash and is tight in all the wrong places—and say hello to comfortable fit, breathable, seamless undergarments meant to last for a lifetime of wear for all body types.

Period panties require a few things to make them something you don't hate wearing: a comfortable fit and the right fabric. *Cough, cough* cotton, and breathable spandex material.

No doubt about it. Women deserve comfort all the time, especially during their periods. Pair that with the fact that the best period underwear should be moister-wicking, and you get Kt by Knix's Super Leakproof Period Underwear.

Moister-wicking underwear is important in period briefs because they're made of specific material or fabric, allowing it to be more absorbent to moisture, such as sweat or menstrual blood.

Your favorite confidence-boosting period undies, now in High Rise. Available in Leakproof and Super Leakproof.

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While the material of women's underwear is important, things like style, size range and comfort matter too. (No one wants to wear the wrong underwear size or have visible panty lines—even on their period! Plus, have soft undies while cramping is a must for most of us.)

Kt's underwear offers a wider range of underwear sizes because of this. Whether you're small or extra-large, we've got you covered with an offering a full range from sizes xxs to xxl. For specific questions about what size underwear to order, check out the size chart on the Kt website featuring hip measurements and more!

Everyday underwear of all styles—from boxer briefs or boyshorts to bikini and low rise—are made more comfortable with Kt by Knix's Super Leakproof Period Underwear.

They’re a sustainable, reusable and safe alternative to tampons and pads.  Not only do they feel and look like regular undies, but there’s a wide absorbency range that has your butt covered no matter which way you flow. Yes, even on that scary Day 2.

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Finding the right undies for every day of your period doesn't have to be difficult. Read on to learn about which of Kt’s period underwear for teens we recommend for every day of your cycle—featuring super soft undies that come in cotton, lace and, most importantly, bright colors—each made for the period-haver's wants and needs. Changing your period from something you loathe to something a little more breathable for your skin.

Light and medium flow days

Absorbing up to 3 tsp of liquid or 2 tampons, Kt’s Leakproof Underwear are medium absorbency undies that are available in a variety of styles, depending on what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Feeling a comfy fit like boxer briefs or boyshorts? Got it. Maybe you're looking for something more classic with a low rise front, like bikini. Lucky you, that's another option! Need a little extra support on a day with bad cramps? Our high rise option is coming in to save the day, hugging your hips in all the right ways—on the other hand, boyshort underwear are available too with a fit that's seamless and breathable.

These are the best period underwear to wear solo on medium flow days, or for your entire cycle if your flow is typically on the lighter side. They can also be worn as a backup for extra confidence when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup.

If you know you're going to be on your period soon, make sure to pack a period kit filled with all of the essentials—pain meds, snacks, extra tampons and, of course, a pair of Kt period panties!

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The best part is that these Leakproof Underwear feel like everyday undies. So much so that you might even forget that you're on your period!

Heavy flow days

You’ve prepped the hot water bottle and chocolate—all you need now is Super Leakproof Underwear.

The most absorbent pair of Leakproof Underwear on the market, these super soft briefs are capable of absorbing up to 40 ml of any liquid (period blood, sweat, bladder leaks, you name it). That’s the equivalent of 8 regular tampons.

No need to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup with these—they can be worn on their own, much like your everyday wear undies. Check out how they work here.

A sustainable replacement for disposable period products, such as tampons and pads, Super Leakproof Underwear is ready for daily wear during even the mightiest crimson wave. Nevermore will women have the horrible fear of menstruation ruining good pairs of jeans—at least while wearing the right pair of period briefs.

Our hips don't lie; these undies are so comfy, they'll feel like a second skin to their wearer.

Night-time protection

We all know that even when we’re off to dreamland, our period can still be wide awake. (So not cool!)

The Sleepover Short is a super-comfy sleep short that absorbs up to 4 tsps or 4 tampons worth of liquid. They have an extra long absorbent area that stops leaks no matter which way you toss and turn.

Gone are the days of waking up with stained sheets, thanks to the Sleepover Short! Plus, these briefs feel extra comfy, aren't too tight on the waist and are such full coverage that you won't need any other clothes on top. Period shorts FTW!

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Choosing the right style

It's wearing underwear—not rocket science. What we're saying is, picking out the right period underwear size and style for your time of the month doesn't have to be difficult. It's all about knowing your body and what's best for you. Plus, a little trial and error never hurt anyone!

If your period just started, is close to ending, or your hormonal birth control (HBC) has you bleeding less heavily than normal, the Leakproof Underwear styles will be perfect for you. It's light support will have you thinking you forgot to put on a pad, which is exactly the feeling your body wants.

If you're used to heavy periods where you typically change pads or tampons multiple times per day, the Super Leakproof Underwear is the choice for you. It holds up to eight regular tampons worth and is just as soft as any of Kt's other pairs. Just don't forget to pack a backup pair of undies or tampons in your on-the-go period kit!

Bleeding during sleeping hours is totally normal and easy to deal with with the help of Kt's Sleepover Short. If you're someone who also deals with night sweats, the sweat-proof material of these undies will help you feel confident and covered for going to sleep—period or not.

Reusable pads

Not quite ready to make the switch to period briefs but still want to make a sustainable change? In comes in the reusable pad. Reusable pads are extremely similar to a regular pad, where you place it in between the legs of your underwear; however, you secure it with a snap instead of the sticky material that's on a normal pad.

While it may take some getting used to, Kt's reusable pads are a great option for making the sustainable switch. They can easily be placed in your everyday bag or purse, they're comfortable and seamless under clothing and still just as breathable as a pair of Kt period briefs thanks to its fabric.

Unlike regular disposable pads, the reusable pad is made with a thin and comfortable fabric, keeping the pad in place so it never gets itchy or shifts away from where its meant to be. Gone are the days of uncomfortable bottoms and accidental period mishaps.

Bonus point: one Kt reusable pad can hold up to 12 tampons or pads worth of blood compared to the normal pad!

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Keep in mind that when it comes to sustainability, any switch is a good switch. Adding reusable period products into your everyday routine, even if they aren't your only choice is a great start, and one that many don't even make in their lifetime!

Cute + comfortable material = a dream come true

No matter which everyday underwear is right for you, each garment is made with women in mind: from the moisture-wicking fabric to how soft it is or whether it's cute enough to wear when you feel less-than.

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Remember: the right style is whatever your style is. From seamless high rise briefs to soft sleep shorts. No matter which panty you prefer—Kt offers a style for everyone, featuring a unique blend of cotton and spandex that will feel smooth against the skin and stretch where needed because of its elastic waistband. Goodbye, panty lines!

So hoist up that high waisted bikini and comfy pants and head to Kt by Knix to find the period essentials of your dreams. Start shopping for your next period today and prepare to wear underwear that makes you feel as cute and comfortable as you deserve. Just make sure to check out the size chart so you get the optimal pair for your skin!

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