Calling all Competitive Swimmers: High-Performance Period Swimwear Has Arrived

Designed by a former Canadian Olympic apparel designer, Kt’s new high-performance swimwear will keep you leak-free when you’re going for the gold.

As a competitive swimmer, you’re used to pushing your body to the limit. Your alarm goes off every morning at 4:40am so you can get to the pool on time. You do kick drills until you can barely move your core. You keep going until you’ve managed to shave milliseconds off your personal record. And every day you wake up excited to do it all over again because it’s what you love most in the entire world.

The last thing you need is your period slowing you down, which is why Kt decided to create a training one-piece that’s just as unstoppable as you are. The competitive period swimwear is equipped with 3 layers of leak-stopping technology that will actually absorb your period so you never have to miss out on practice again. The gusset aka the absorbent, lining part of the period underwear, can hold three tampons or pads worth of blood, so you never have to worry about a tampon string hanging out of your swimsuit – or bleeding in the pool – ever again. So how does it work? Read more about our leakproof swim technology here.

Designed by a former Canadian Olympic apparel designer, the competitive period swimwear comes in two different styles: the Deep Dive One-Piece and the Freestyle One-Piece. The Deep Dive is a sporty one-piece with contrasting panels and a racerback design. The Freestyle features a higher neckline with thinner straps that criss-cross in the back.

Unlike our regular period proof swimsuits, both styles contain no shelf bra or removable pads, allowing them to fit closer and smoother to the body to minimize drag. The straps are tight enough so they won’t slip off, loosen, or move around during practice and the design allows for an increased range of arm and shoulder motion when swimming.

The Deep Dive One-Piece and the Freestyle One-Piece are made with chlorine-resistant fabric for longer lasting wear and less fading, and the 50+ UPF protection in the fabric will help swimmers to avoid sunburns on outdoor training practice days.

When competition is just around the corner and you need to stay focused, reach for the training one-piece. Finally – a period proof swimsuit that’s as high-performing and driven as you are.

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