5 Tips to Prepare your Daughter for her First Period

First periods are an overwhelming experience and can be a tad daunting. Here are some tips on how to prepare your daughter, so she feels confident and ready to conquer her first period!

Has your daughter been showing signs of puberty, like a growth spurt, breast buds, and hair growth? She is most likely getting close to her period. This is a big time in your daughter's life, as she is going through lots of changes...and chances are she is a little (or very) uncomfortable. Read more about the signs of puberty here.

Remember going through puberty? What an awkward and weird time in one’s life. Your body is changing and you’re trying to keep up. It’s best to be prepared for these moments so your daughter (and you) are ready and don’t feel scared or nervous. In case you need a refresher on periods, read our blog post about your daughter surviving her first period.

Check out our 5 tips to prepare your daughter for her period:

  1. Period Emergency Kit

Packing a period emergency kit for your daughter will take away the stress and anxiety she feels while being at school or out. You can put all the products in a small pouch. Our underwear pouches are perfect for this! All you need is:

  • Whatever she wants to use for period protection. Most girls start with pads, as they are the easiest to use, but some like tampons or cups. Whatever your daughter is more comfortable with!
  • A secret chocolate stash, so she can sneak a little treat for when she needs it most.
  • Our ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear to protect your daughter from any period leaks, so she can have a stress free day at school. Check them out below!



2. Tracking her period

She might not want to do this at the beginning because the experience can be a little overwhelming. If you are organized and know when her period is coming, this will take away from the surprise leak popping up.

There are many apps and tools you can use now to track periods. You can also do the old school way and mark it on your calendar too. As long as you can help your daughter and prepare her each month. Read more about period tracking apps here.

Remember, at the beginning, periods can be a little unpredictable and could be irregular.  


3. Talk it out

Having an open and honest conversation with your daughter about what is happening, will ease her into it. I remember my mom telling me about a month before I got my period that I should be getting it soon. I was mortified, especially because I was on the younger side.

Going through puberty and starting to menstruate is a weird time in a girls life. Talking about things before it happens can ease her into it and relieve any stress she might be feeling.

There are many different topics to bring up:

  • The color of your blood during your cycle. More on that here!
  • Blood clotting
  • Sleeping with a tampon in


4. Be hands on

Many, or most, girls don't know how to use period products before they get their period. Imagine having the knowledge even before it happened! That would have saved me from MANY tears when I first got my period.

Now that there are more options, like different pads, tampons and cups, it can be so overwhelming. But you could take away the fear of the unknown and show your daughter how to use the products before it even happens.

Most girls use pads first, but it’s whatever her preference is. Nothing is wrong or right in this scenario, as long as she is comfortable!


5. Share

Moms, remember your experience? Reassure your daughter that what is happening is normal, and all menstruating teens go through it. And you did too! Talking from experience can relieve the worries your daughter is feeling. Even a big sister can help too!

Dads, I know it can be a little tough talking to your daughter about this...especially since you didn’t personally get your period. But remember growing up and growing through puberty? It’s a challenging time, especially when you mix a menstrual cycle in there. But as long as you are there for her, I am sure she will be a-okay! If she has a big sister or cousin, I'm sure that would help too!


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