What To Do When You Get Your First Period At Age 10

Getting your period at age 10 can be scary and alarming. Let us put you at ease– it’s completely normal, and nothing to get worked up about. If you’re 10 and just getting your first period now, read this post to find out what to do & how to navigate this new part of your life.

 Welcome to the world of periods. If your first period has just arrived and you have loads of questions about what to do, what to expect, and periods in general then you’ve come to the right place. This blog will help you navigate this strange and thrilling time in your life and guide you through some of the most commonly-asked questions about periods– some of which you’ve probably had. Whether you’re 10 years old and you just got your period, or if your child or daughter is 10 and just got their period, we’ve got answers.

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Is 10 Too Early To Get A Period?

You may be wondering if getting a first period at age 10 is too early. Perhaps your friends haven’t gotten their first periods yet, and you’re feeling a bit out of place. But the truth is signs of puberty are different for everyone and getting your period at 10 is perfectly normal. There is no such thing as average development and things are happening right on schedule for you. If you’re concerned, know that your friends will catch up eventually when it is their body’s time to change.

What Is The Normal Age To Get A Period?

The typical age range for people to get their periods is between ages nine and 15. Anything before nine is considered “precocious puberty.” If someone doesn’t get their first period by the age of 15, it’s called “primary amenorrhea.” If you’ve gotten your period at age 10, you are within the regular ages that most people get their periods. Remember: The range of what is considered “normal” when it comes to puberty-related development is very large, and people experience milestones of puberty whenever their bodies are ready.

two friends wearing period underwear

My Friends Don’t Have Their Periods Yet

That’s okay! Remember what we talked about before, how all bodies are different? That applies to you and your friends, too. Nobody is ahead and nobody is behind– your friends will get their periods eventually, and, if you’re comfortable, you can talk to them about your first period when it’s time. Definitely don’t feel embarrassed if you got your first period at age 10 and your friends still haven’t gotten theirs. Regardless of how you might feel or what other people might say, rest assured that you are right on track with puberty, and your body knows exactly what it’s doing.

What Do I Do?

First things first: Relax! It’s okay, and it happens to everybody who menstruates. If you’ve just gotten your period right this second, find a trusted adult, parent, or guardian to speak to and tell them what happened. Don’t feel embarrassed– half of all adults have had a period too, and they will know how to help you. The next thing you’ll need is a pad, tampon, menstrual cup, or period underwear to help absorb the blood. If none of these options are available to you right now, you can always fold up some toilet paper as a makeshift pad until you have access to one. 

Some people tend to use pads at the beginning of their period because they tend are very easy to use – tampons come with a bit of a learning curve – but you can use whatever you feel best using. Period underwear is a fantastic option for young menstruators because it feels just like normal underwear AND prevents leaks. Going forward, consider making a Period Emergency Kit to always be prepared– after all, your period isn’t always going to come at the same time every month, so you want to be ready in case it ever comes as a surprise in the middle of the school day.

two friends wearing period underwear

Will It Come Every Month?

The first two years after you get your period are often full of wildly irregular periods and varying cycles. It’s possible that while you have your first period this month, perhaps next month you won’t get one at all. Likewise, it’s possible that this first period will only last two or three days, while your next one lasts closer to four or five. All bodies are different, and puberty in particular throws your body for an absolute loop. These hormones are basically acting up and figuring out how to settle down for about two years, and it is only when they’re finished with the puberty process that your period cycle and flow can become a lot more steady. 

So if you’re 10 years old and just got your first period now, you may already be 12 or even 13 years old by the time you’re fully used to having a regular period. Right now, if you want to learn more about your period, you can start using a period tracker, whether that’s an app or simply a paper calendar to get used to paying attention to your period and getting to know your cycle.

What You’re Going Through Is Normal

If you’ve just gotten your first period at age 10, remember that it’s nothing to worry about. You’re right on track for your age range, and what you’re going through is completely normal. Most menstruating people get their first periods anywhere between the ages of nine and 15. Now that you’ve joined the ranks of those who get a regular period, you can start preparing for future cycles with a Period Emergency Kit (featuring some of our Leakproof Period Panties, of course), and by reading some more of our posts about what to do to prevent period leaks in school, how to deal with period cramps, and more.

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